Stable Diffusion Statistics: Users, Revenue, & Growth [2024]

With so many AI art generation tools out there, Stable Diffusion seems to be the one attracting the most attention of all. 

That’s by no surprise due to the limitless possibilities of Stable Diffusion and its open-source nature. 

But how popular is Stable Diffusion in reality? Well, I’ve done some digging and found some Stable Diffusion statistics to give you an idea. 

I’ve collected Stable Diffusion stats about its users, models, and more which will paint an idea of the popularity behind it. 

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Let’s check it out. 

Stable Diffusion Statistics (Our Top Picks)

Here are our top Stable Diffusion statistics: 

  • Over 12 billion images have been created using Stable Diffusion 
  • Stable Diffusion models were trained on over 2 billion images
  • Users generate over 2 million images every day using Stable Diffusion 
  • Stable Diffusion models on Civitai have been downloaded over 7M times
  • Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion has a valuation of $1.0B 

How Many People Use Stable Diffusion? 

Here are some stats that will shed light on how many users Stable Diffusion have: 

1. Stable Diffusion has over 10 million users

Stable Diffusion has gained over 10 million users just two months after its launch and this number has been steadily growing. 

It’s difficult to get the exact number since many users run Stable Diffusion locally on their devices. 

Source: Stability AI

2. Over 12 billion images have been created using Stable Diffusion 

According to EveryPixel, over 12 billion images have been created using Stable Diffusion which represents 80% of AI images on the Internet. 

This towers over any other AI image generator like MidJourney or Dall-E. 

3. Users generate 2M images daily using Stable Diffusion 

Through all channels and sources to generate images, it’s accounted that users generate around 2M images on a daily basis using Stable Diffusion. 

This is by far higher than any other AI image generation tool out there which speaks volumes of the power of Stable Diffusion. 

4. Over 400M images were generated using Stable Diffusion APIs

Stable Diffusion API allows developers to create environments or platforms for users so they can run Stable Diffusion. 

According to Stability AI, over 400M images have been generated so far using the Stable Diffusion APIs. 

This includes all the Stable Diffusion websites you see out there such as ClipDrop or Stable Diffusion Online.

Source: Stability AI  

5. Over 170M images generated on ClipDrop SDXL 

SDXL is the latest text-to-image generation model by Stable Diffusion and over 170M images have been generated so far using this model on the ClipDrop website. 

Outside of that, millions of images have been created using various Stable Diffusion models locally and on other websites. 

Source: Stability AI

6. Stable Diffusion has 290k+ users on Discord

Stable Diffusion Statistics - Discord Server

The official Discord server of Stable Diffusion has over 290+ users and over 30k are online at the time of writing this post. 

This isn’t a big number compared to MidJourney’s whopping 16M users mainly because to use MidJourney, you’d have to use their Discord server. 

Source: Discord

7. Stable Diffusion has 421k+ members on Reddit

The r/StableDiffusion subreddit has over 421+ members and is ranked among the Top 1% of subreddits on Reddit. 

Their subreddit is quite active with community members sharing their artwork, workflows, tips, tricks, and more. 

If we look at the growth of this subreddit, you’d be surprised to know they in less than a year, they gained over 300k members. 

Besides this, there are many other smaller subreddits about Stable Diffusion on the platform as well. 

Source: Reddit

8. Stable Diffusion has 148k+ followers on Twitter

Stable Diffusion Statistics - Twitter Profile

Stability AI has over 148k followers on Twitter where they share the latest updates and news regarding Stable Diffusion. 

Source: Twitter

Stable Diffusion Models Stats

Let’s take a look at some statistics about various Stable Diffusion models: 

9. The Stable Diffusion model was trained on over 2 billion images

The Stable Diffusion checkpoint model was trained on a dataset of over 2 billion images. They used the image dataset from LAION which is a non-profit that crawls the web and releases datasets of images. 

10. The most commonly used token used in Stable Diffusion prompts is “masterpiece” 

In a study conducted by a Stable Diffusion user who analyzed over 200k prompts on Civitai, it was revealed that the most commonly used word in prompts is “masterpiece”. 

Here are the top 5 tokens used in Stable Diffusion prompts: 

  • masterpiece
  • best quality
  • 1girl
  • solo
  • looking at viewer

Source: Rentry

11. There are over 7400 Stable Diffusion models on HuggingFace

HuggingFace is a popular website where many users upload and share models for Stable Diffusion. 

As of writing this, there are 7,469 Stable Diffusion models published on the HuggingFace website. 

Source: HuggingFace

12. Stable Diffusion models on Civitai have been downloaded over 7M times

Civitai is the largest platform where users share models for Stable Diffusion. As of now, the models on Civitai have been downloaded over 7M times. 

The total estimated size of all the downloads is around 7.8 Petabytes (PB). 

Source: Civitai 

Stable Diffusion Revenue Stats

Here are some financial and revenue stats of Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion: 

13. Stability AI has raised over $173.8M in funding 

Stability AI has raised over $173.8M so far in funding over 3 rounds. Their latest funding round comes from Intel Corporation which invested $50M in the company. 

Source: CrunchBase

14. Stability AI has a valuation of $1.0B 

The company is currently valued at over $1B and is currently seeking a $4B valuation as they’re seeking to raise more funds for their research on Stable Diffusion and other products. 

Source: Bloomberg

15. Stability AI made $44M estimated revenue in 2023

It’s estimated that Stability AI made around $44M in revenues in the year 2023. Since we don’t have the official revenue figures for Stability AI, this estimation comes from various sources. 

Source: DealRoom

Frequently Asked Questions about Stable Diffusion

Here are some FAQs about Stable Diffusion: 

Is Stable Diffusion Free? 

Yes, Stable Diffusion is a free and open-source image generation model developed by Stability AI. 

What is Stable Diffusion Good For? 

Stable Diffusion is good for text-to-image generation of all kinds. You can generate images of humans, landscapes, objects, animals, and everything in between. 

Can I Generate NSFW Images In Stable Diffusion? 

Yes, Stable Diffusion can generate NSFW images as there are many models trained on NSFW datasets. 

How To Get Started With Stable Diffusion? 

You can get started with Stable Diffusion by installing Automatic1111 web UI on your computer. This way, you can run Stable Diffusion locally on your device for free. 

When Was Stable Diffusion Released?

Stable Diffusion was launched on 22 August 2022 by Stability AI and then released their powerful SDXL model on 26 July 2023. 


So, that’s all the Stable Diffusion statistics out there that are both interesting and shocking. 

After reading all these Stable Diffusion stats, there’s no doubt that Stable Diffusion is one of the best text-to-image generation tools out there. 
If you’re interested in learning Stable Diffusion, you can get started by checking out our guide to Automatic1111.

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