65 Insane Stable Diffusion Pixel Art Prompts

In the good old days, pixel art was mainly created using tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. 

But ever since generative AI tools like Stable Diffusion broke through the market, everything has changed. 

Today, creating pixel art in Stable Diffusion is very easy and fast. It also gives you the versatility of creating art that you wouldn’t be able to do with traditional design tools. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best Stable Diffusion pixel art prompts you can use to create pixel-style art. 

Whether you’re creating pixel art for fun to share with friends or for professional purposes, these prompts will help you a lot. 

That being said, let’s get started. 

Best Stable Diffusion Pixel Art Prompts

Here’s our list of the best Stable Diffusion pixel art prompts: 

S.No.Stable Diffusion Pixel Art Prompts
1gothic castle, night, moon, clouds, fog, fantasy, dark, pixel, ((pixel art)), 8-bit art
216-bit pixel art, ((1girl)), chibi, sd, face shot, happy, close_up, smile eyes, big smile, blonde, crown, cape, boots, blue eyes, little princess, forest, house, outdoor, ((pixel art))
332-bit pixel art, a cute happy corgi, (flat shading:1.2), (minimalist:1.4)
48-bit pixel art, A mesmerizing drawing of a sleek, opulent yacht gracefully gliding through cerulean waves, adorned with glistening chrome accents, billowing sails catching the golden sunset, and a luxurious deck hosting jubilant passengers basking in splendor
532-bit pixel art, In a breathtaking depiction, a lone samurai stands atop a moonlit cliff, silhouetted against the ethereal glow. His gleaming katana reflects the stars, and cherry blossoms dance gracefully in the wind
616-bit pixel art, firm stance, combat stance, Focus on (Monk, Sultan, Short, Toned, Round Face, Olive Skin, Dark Brown Hair, red Eyes, Straight Nose, Pouty Lips, Sharp Chin, Friendly Mutton Chops, Shoulder-length, Mohawk, A sprawling castle, perched high on a rocky cliff overlooking the sea)
78-bit pixel art, 1boy, athletic, running on the sidewalk, sports shorts, trainers, t-shirt, wet, wet clothes, rain, dramatic lighting, atmospheric, ((street background))
8dragon flames, pixel art style, detailed, masterpiece
932-bit pixel art, cityscape, night, rain, wet, professional lighting, photon mapping, radiosity
108-bit pixel art, (masterpiece, best illustration, no humans), a cute cat,
11pixel art, building, 1 building, snow, ruin, 32-bit pixel art
128-bit pixel art, Cybernetic Serenity, A cyberpunk-infused scene contrasting urban chaos with the serenity of a lone figure meditating amidst neon-lit alleyways., stunning award-winning pixel art
1316-bit pixel art, Mythical Renaissance, A Renaissance-style tableau with mythological figures like unicorns, griffins, and nymphs, all set against an ethereal, golden backdrop., stunning award-winning pixel art
14Surreal Self-Portrait, An introspective self-portrait filled with symbolic elements reflecting the artist’s inner thoughts, dreams, and aspirations., stunning award-winning pixel art, 8-bit art
1516-bit pixel art, a single portion of fries with ketchup, minimalist, flat
1632-bit pixel art, shopping mall
17beautiful woman wearing denim dungarees, a white t-shirt, and pixel art print
18A cute dinosaur, pixel art, 32-bit art
19A baby shark, pixel art, minimal background, 16-bit pixel art
2016-bit pixel art, spaceman riding a bicycle on the moon
21a portrait of an old man with a hat, city on the background, (8k, RAW photo, best quality, masterpiece:1.2), pixel art
22a portrait of a cat person crying, (8k, RAW photo, best quality, masterpiece:1.2), trending on artstation, videogame art, pixel art
23a close-up picture of a demon, night city in the background, 16-bit pixel art
24A picture of a cat, a masterpiece, trending on artstation, videogame art, 32-bit pixel art
25(masterpiece), (best quality), 24-bit pixel art, 1girl, snowman, pixel art
26mafia boss portrait, pixel art style, realistic, 32-bit pixel art
2724-bit pixel art, elf riding a horse into the forest, dense, pixelated
28Pixel art, photorealistic environment, Medivel small city, cloudy day, with people walking around, fine details, award-winning image, cinematic, perspective
2912-bit pixel art of a scenic desert landscape with a cactus, a rocky butte, and a distant mountain range
3016-bit pixel art of frozen wasteland, where the snow and ice stretch as far as the eye can see
31Pixel art, vibrant, bustling market, with vendors hawking their wares and shoppers haggling over prices
32Photorealistic, stylized, a desert landscape with red sand dunes, a cactus, and a distant mesa, 32-bit pixel art
33masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, dreamwave, aesthetic, pixel art
3432-bit pixel art, gates of heaven, mesmerizing, mystical
358-bit pixel art, masterpiece, best quality, light particle, depth of field, field, scenery, fantasy, blue light, (far away:1.1), no humans, pastel colors, chromatic aberration
36Pixel art, close up view of a scavenger lost inside a derelict space station, horror, dread, disturbing, high contrast, intricate, highly detailed
37glamour shot of (stained glass window:1.5), in paladin uniform, holding a (mythril sword:1.2), (divine magic), (hair movement:1.15), (hero:1.1), sparks, at night, city on fire, mass destruction, (falling leaves:1.1), (lightning storms:1.1), fireflies, mountains, pixel art
38parallel universe, bazaar, marketplace scene, vendors, items, parallel universes, reality, imagination, intricate, masterpiece, best quality, highly detailed, sharp focus, dynamic lighting, vivid colors, texture detail, particle effects, storytelling elements, pixel art
3932-bit pixel art, Descent into the Unknown: “Vertical dive through a space chasm, narrow and suffocating, walls lined with whispering alien faces, their elongated fingers reaching out. The further down, the more distorted and nightmarish it becomes
40Steampunk city from afar, bronze and gold, intricate detail, magical, unusual, beautiful but weird, steampunk airships, pixel art
41a ship approaches an iceberg, by James Balog, Fiber optic light painting, High angle, best quality, masterpiece, highres, absurdres, incredibly absurdres, pixel art style
4232-bit pixel art of a magical mushroom, in a garden, sunny sky
43(masterpiece), (best quality), (photorealism),(HDR), (Hyperrealistic), cyber city, (futuristic sportscar drifting, blurry light streak from windshield, smoke coming out of back wheels, ((pixel art))
44Cinematic scene of a strong man, wearing warhammer 40k armor, metal spikes, extremely detailed armor adorned with golden skulls, adeptus mechanicus, walking through a sandstorm, pixel art
4516-bit pixel art, Channelling the dark intricacies of Ian Miller’s detailed, nature-meets-machine artistry, this artwork of Dunes of Shifting Faces: In a desert where sands shift to reveal faces of those from soldiers’ past
46a girl sitting, (medium closeup:0.6), long hair, cyberpunk room, pixel art, 8-bit
47epic realistic, mj, gas station, rutkowski, rim light, 16-bit pixel art
48waterfall, sunset, cinematic, 16-bit pixel art
49a cave with a lake in pixel art style
50girl sitting, (girl humanoid:1.2), back shot, behind, (futuristic:1.1), (robots:1.1), android, cyberpunk, white, (sci-fi:1.2), crowd, pixel art
51(masterpiece:1.2), a girl in a jk uniform, surrounded by flowers, in a creepy garden, creepy creatures hiding in the garden, 32-bit art
52Superman, 8-bit pixel art
53(Atlantis, A lost city of great wisdom and power, now drowned beneath the sea :1.01), rim lighting, breathtaking,massive scale, detailed, 8-bit pixel art
54((Astrophotography, Night Sky, Star Trails, Celestial Wonders Elegance, Muted Tones, Classic, Serenity)), ((pixel art))
55muscular dog, A elegant white dachshund sits on a white towel looking skeptical with a glass of red wine, looking down at viewer with quiet resentment, pixel art
56An ultra-detailed pixel art of a lighthouse surrounded by raging waves and stormy skies.
57Kraken, pixel art, 16-bit pixel art style, monster
58((menacing monster:1.2)) emerges from the shadows, ((dark force)), ((ominous atmosphere)), threat to reality, pixel art style
59Cat sitting on a cloud, pixel art style, 24-bit pixel art
60A cityscape of New York, pixel art, Minecraft style
61Magazine style photo of am alligator wearing a suit, pixel art
6216-bit pixel art, cinematic close-up photo of an ethereal neural network organism, divine woman, anatomical face, biomechanical details
63masterpiece, highly detailed, realistic, lakeside, beside a lake, foliage, forest, (standing on a wooden pier:1.4), 1girl cute, kawaii, pixel art
64Minions smiling, pixel art
65A funny looking monster who is trying to be intimidating, 8-bit pixel art

Here are some great pixel art created using Stable Diffusion:

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So, that’s our list of the best Stable Diffusion pixel art prompts you can use to create amazing pixel art. 

Just remember that when you’re creating pixel art in Stable Diffusion, don’t forget to mention terms such as “pixel art”, “8-bit art”, “32-bit pixel art”, etc. 

With these terms, you’ll be able to create pixel art in Stable Diffusion easily. Moreover, you can also check out LORA models trained to generate pixel art. 

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section below.

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