7 Best Stable Diffusion Male Models (Compared)

If you’ve used various Stable Diffusion checkpoint models, you must’ve noticed that most of them lean towards generating female characters. 

Even in prompts where you don’t specify the gender, the models typically generate more female characters. This can be somewhat frustrating especially if you want to generate male characters in Stable Diffusion. 

Worry not, because in this article, I’ll share the best Stable Diffusion male models that are capable of generating realistic and stunning male characters. 

The models in this list are very good at generating male characters for all ages and styles. With each model, I’ll be sharing example images generated using these models. 

That being said, let’s get started. 

Best Stable Diffusion Male Models

Here’s our comparison list of the best Stable Diffusion male models. With each model, I’ve included three example images generated using the models to showcase how good they’re at generating male characters. 

Model NameVersion
Juggernaut XLSDXL 1.0
Realistic VisionSD 1.5
HomoFidelisSD 1.5
epiCPhotoGasmSD 1.5
Pretty BoySD 1.5
DreamShaper XLSDXL 1.0
CyberRealisticSD 1.5

1. Juggernaut XL

The first Stable Diffusion male model on our list is Juggernaut XL which is one of the best SDXL models out there. 

This checkpoint model is capable of generating a large variety of male characters that look stunning. It produces very realistic images but you can also use it to generate images in other styles. 

The model is updated quite regularly and as of writing this, it’s currently on version 8 which has many improvements from its previous versions. 

I like this model because it’s quite versatile and you can generate male characters that look realistic and beautiful. 

Key Features: 

  • Can generate various styles
  • Perfect for realistic images
  • Supports NSFW 
  • Works only with SDXL LoRA

2. Realistic Vision

Realistic Vision is a very popular checkpoint model for generating realistic portraits and still shots. 

If you look at the gallery of this model on Civitai, you’ll find that it’s filled with images of female characters. 

However, I’ve used this model quite extensively for generating men and it’s very good. The details are sharp and crisp which makes the image look perfect. 

Another reason why I recommend using this model is because it makes the human anatomy perfect so that you don’t need to manually fix badly generated hands or eyes. 

Realistic Vision is also updated frequently and also comes with an inpainting version which in my use works perfectly. 

Key Features: 

  • Perfect for portraits and still shots
  • Inpainting version available
  • Supports NSFW
  • Works well with LoRA models

3. HomoFidelis

If you want a checkpoint model just for male characters, then HomoFidelis is the one for you. This model can generate photorealistic images of male characters. 

It’s quite versatile and diverse in the images it generates and doesn’t require you to write long and complicated prompts. 

The author of the model recommends you use an ADetailer and Hi-res fix to get the best quality images possible. 

While the model isn’t very popular on Civitai compared to the other models on this list, it’s still very good and generates photorealistic outputs. 

Key Features:

  • Requires short and precise prompts
  • Generates photorealistic images
  • Works with LoRA models
  • Supports NSFW

4. epiCPhotoGasm

epiCPhotoGasm has lately been my favorite Stable Diffusion model because of its image quality and realism. 

This is one of the best models if you want to generate male characters with perfect photorealism. You can find many male character images in the gallery of this model that showcase how good it is. 

It also doesn’t require you to write long prompts and can generate pretty good images with short and precise prompts. Moreover, you can generate stunning images without even writing a negative prompt. 

The model generates perfect human anatomy and the skin is very detailed with pores and doesn’t have that shiny look to it. 

epiCPhotoGasm has many versions and is updated very frequently. There’s an inpainting version of this model also available. 

Overall, if you want an SD 1.5 model for perfect realism and human anatomy, you can’t go wrong with this model. 

Key Features:

  • Perfect for photorealism 
  • Very good human anatomy 
  • Requires short prompts 
  • Generates very detailed skin 
  • Inpainting version available
  • Works well with LoRA models
  • Supports NSFW

5. Pretty Boy

If you want to generate pretty boys, then take a look at the Pretty Boy checkpoint model which is trained to generate handsome faces of men. 

The model leans towards generating male faces that typically look like fashion models and without a beard. So, if you want a model to generate faces for fashion modeling purposes, you’ll love this model. 

However, in my tests, I found this model to generate faces that look alike a lot. While the faces it generates are handsome without a doubt, it lacks the versatility to generate different kinds of faces. 

Nevertheless, the output images of this model are very good, and as far as Stable Diffusion male models go, this one definitely deserves to be on this list.

Key Features: 

  • Generate fashion model faces
  • Cannot generate faces with beards well
  • Works with LoRA models
  • Supports NSFW

6. DreamShaper XL

DreamShaper XL is the SDXL version of the popular DreamShaper model. This model is geared towards generating photorealistic and fantasy-style images. As the name suggests, if you can dream, it can generate it. 

The model is very good at generating male faces and characters that look realistic and are versatile as well. 

I’ve used this model quite a lot and I can confidently say that the male characters generated by this model look absolutely stunning. 

The model has a good grasp of human anatomy and it generates hands, eyes, and other parts perfectly. Moreover, the skin is very detailed and doesn’t have that artificial shine to it. 

Overall, I recommend this model on this list because it’s perfect for generating fantasy images with male faces and characters. 

Key Features: 

  • Perfect for fantasy images
  • Very good human anatomy and skin details
  • Works with SDXL LoRA models only
  • Supports NSFW

7. CyberRealistic 

The last Stable Diffusion male model we have on our list is the CyberRealistic model. This is a versatile model aimed at achieving photorealism. 

It can generate very good male faces with a detailed skin texture and color. While the model’s strong point is generating still portrait shots, you can also use it for creating full-body images and more dynamic shots. 

That’s because it works very well with LoRA models giving you freedom to experiment and create a wide variety of images with this model. 

While I like this model a lot, it still has that shiny skin feel to it which takes away from the photorealism. Regardless, it’s still a very good model for creating male faces and characters. 

Key Features: 

  • Generates photorealistic images
  • Perfect for still shots and portraits
  • Works well with LoRA models
  • Inpainting version available
  • Supports NSFW


So that concludes our list of the Stable Diffusion male models you can try to generate images of men. 

Not all the models shared in the list are specifically trained to generate men, but they’re still very good at it. Most of the time, you don’t need a specific model for generating men. 

With the right checkpoint model, you can generate stunning and handsome men in Stable Diffusion. 

If you have any questions or recommendations for models, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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