55+ Best Stable Diffusion Landscape Prompts (With Examples)

Do you want to create breathtaking views and scenery using Stable Diffusion? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place!

One of my favorite things to do with Stable Diffusion is to create landscape images that look beautiful and gorgeous. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best Stable Diffusion landscape prompts you can use to create your own stunning images. 

Whether it’s beautiful nature landscapes or a futuristic city landscape, I’ve covered all kinds of prompts in my list. 

With these landscape prompts for Stable Diffusion, you’ll be able to bring your imagination to life. 

Let’s get started. 

Best Stable Diffusion Landscape Prompts

This list of Stable Diffusion landscape prompts consists of prompts for nature landscapes, cityscapes, aerial shots, and a lot more. 

While the prompts in this list are very simple and straightforward, I recommend sticking to the end of the article where I share my configuration and different models used to be able to generate such beautiful artwork. 

That being said, enjoy these landscape prompts for Stable Diffusion. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Landscape Prompts
1landscape, photography, Amsterdam canal house, flower, bicycle, city, daylight, epic, cinematic, river, ornate, realistic
2landscape of a futuristic sci-fi city, ultra-realistic, high resolution, city, beach, ocean, war, warfare, missiles, meteor, meteor shower, night, clear sky, constellations, stars, star, sci-fi, spaceships, robots, drones, detailed line art, fine details, trending on artstation, cyberpunk, Bladerunner, neon
3landscape of a Grand Secret Germany and Minimalist Interplanetary magnetic field, at Blue hour, Masterpiece, Dark, Albumen, illustration, perfect details, light particles, chromatic aberration, masterpiece, best quality, absurdres, highest quality, amazing details, hyper detail, dramatic light, intricate details
4landscape, Japan hot onsen, fuji mountain, detail, realistic, ((masterpiece)), hot steam, sunset, golden hour
5landscape of a Glittering Golf course, dense woods, at Sunrise, Direct light, Selective focus, illustration, perfect details, light particles, chromatic aberration, masterpiece, best quality, absurdres, highest quality, amazing details, hyper detail, dramatic light, intricate details
6landscape by Alena Aenami
7scenic landscape of a flower field in Cairo by Bert Stern , Joyce Reopel , Susannah Blaxill
8landscape, japan traditional hot onsen, dawn, dim light, detail, realistic, ((masterpiece)), hot steam, torii, wooden bucket, forest, bamboo
9landscape of a Dilapidated Cape and Magellanic Clouds, at Sunset, Ultrarealistic, Joyful, Nostalgic lighting, Kodachrome, illustration, perfect details, light particles, chromatic aberration, masterpiece, best quality, absurdres, highest quality, amazing details
10landscape photography of an explorer on a metallic asteroid looking at an alien planet in background, photorealistic, scenery,absurdres,hyper-realistic lifelike texture dramatic lighting unreal engine trending on artstation,award-winning photo,Nikon RAW photo,8k,masterpiece, best quality, cinematic
11Highly detailed cinematic film still, wide angle landscape shot, otherworldly dark fantasy jungle world, villages, creatures, (lush vegetation), (mountains:1.1), (god rays:0.4), dense alien jungle, (highly detailed, hyperdetailed, intricate), (lens flare:0.4), (bloom:0.5), particle effects, cinematic lighting, (soft lighting:0.6), prominent projected shadows, deep depth of field, (film grain:0.5)
12Landscape photo of an orchid, beautiful, birds flying, sunny day, sunshine rays
13landscape, mountains, artstation, cinematic, volumetric lighting, depth of field
14landscape, fantasy city, magic tower, trees, flowers, particles, day, sun, volumetric lighting, best quality, masterpiece, realistic
15landscape of a futuristic sci-fi city, sci-fi, ultra-realistic, high-resolution, city
16mountain landscape in autumn, vibrant colors, powerful style with epic dramatism, small village, gothic castle on mountain peak, river and lake, masterpiece, best quality, maximum quality, intricate details, ultrasharp, ambient occlusion, realistic shadows, art by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, 8k
17landscape, fantasy city, magic tower, trees, flowers, particles, day, sun, volumetric lighting, best quality, masterpiece, realistic
18landscape, a monk in front of candijateng at dawn, epic, fog, temple stone, ornament, ornate, details, forest, dim light, mountain
19landscape of a futuristic sci-fi city, high detail, twilight, city lights, ultra-realistic, high resolution, city, modern, cinematic
20landscape, train station, train, coconut tree, bokeh, anime style, beach, cloudy, blue sky, 8k
21Urban Development with Modern High-rise Buildings bustling with activity under a vibrant sunset sky amidst a futuristic cityscape, illuminated by neon lights, inspired by H.R. Giger, surreal cyberpunk
22masterpiece, best quality, high quality, extremely detailed, classical Chinese garden, scenery, winter,((snowing)), outdoors, sky, day, landscape, water, tree, blue sky, waterfall, nature, lake, river, cloudy sky,award-winning photography, Bokeh, Depth of Field, HDR
23landscape, photography, Santorini, blue dome, flower, church, city, cliff, dawn, epic, cinematic, cliff, ocean, ornate, realistic
24Unparalleled masterpiece, (photorealistic:1.4), best quality, beautiful lighting, (hot spring), (extremely detailed 8k wallpaper), full shot landscape photo of the most beautiful artwork in the world, cloudy sky background lush landscape house and trees
25(masterpiece), (best quality), ultra sharp details, insanely realistic sci-fi art, ultra-realistic, (cold planet landscape, city in crater, sci-fi buildings:1.3), (night, glowing), clouds, sky, industrial landscape on cold planet, high-tech, night, prospect, moonlight reflection
26landscape of a Monstrous Awe-Inspiring Spain, blossoms and cityscape, at Dawn, Detailed illustration, Embarrassing, Surrealism Art, side lit, high quality, absurdres, masterpiece
27landscape, Machu Picchu at dawn, epic, fog, temple stone, ornament, ornate, details, forest, dim light, mountain
28landscape of a Impeccable Aesthetically Pleasing Santa Monica Mountains from inside of a Geneva, at Sunset, Masterpiece, absurdres, colorful, vivid colors, masterpiece, best quality, absurdres, highest quality, amazing details
29landscape, cityscape, buildings, skyscrapers, tree, lights, night, night sky, DSLR photography, artstation, intricate details, intricate, detailed
30((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), majestic intricately detailed photograph, Majestic vast and beautiful alien fantasy landscape, castles, ruins fortresses, rivers mountains, plains, rainbow color palette, waterfalls forests, depth of field, film grain, smooth, roughness, real life, backlit, hard edge lighting, dramatic cinematic lighting, (bloom:1.2), (warm vibrant colors:1.3), photographed on a Canon EOS R5, 50mm lens, F/2.8, HDR, professional, dramatic cinematic lighting
31landscape, ship, night, strobist, close up vew, stormy ocean, storm, waves, wind, spray, hurricane, lightning, downpour, thunderclouds, by Aivazovsky, dark scene, inricate details
32(masterpiece:1.2),best quality,extremely detailed,absurdres,highres,ultra detailed,beautiful sky,(detailed clouds),sunrise,cloudy,ethereal scenery,flower field,aestheticism,tall grass,flowers,forest,falling_leaves,autumn leaves,tonalism,flowers:1.1, (small_pond:1.3),caustics,birch,mountains,hills,no_people,autumn forest,mist,river,shallow water,creek,landscape,low angle, cinematic,light particles,sunset,detailed background,gorgeous,rocks,waterfall,lens flare, cinematic, flowers on water
33Landscapes, best quality, supremed intricate, fields of flowers as far as the eye can see, blue skies with no clouds
34landscape of a Misshapen Bookstore and Pebble, spring nature, Sunny, Happy, Gloomcore, 64K, colorful, vivid colors, masterpiece, best quality, absurdres, highest quality, amazing details
35landscape of a Unadvised The Pueblo Bonito, [cityscape|fauna], Bathed in shadows, Neon Light, Circular polarizer, arcane, high quality, absurdres, masterpiece
36((landscape, sci-fi, space, ruins:1.3)), ((night, glowing)), clouds, sky,science fiction,on mars,high-tech, night, prospect, moonlight reflection, sacred, landscape,bright,fhd,4k,high-resolution,realistic,surrealistic,super wide angle shot
37landscape photo, realistic, ultra details, natural light, epic mountain and river Nile background, award winning portrait photo, Style-Hamunaptra_SD2, dense jungle in background, ((Egyptian Pyramid)), stormy, storm clouds, lightning, photorealistic, cinematic lighting, dark atmosphere, volumetric lighting, action pose, epic scene, lots of fine detail, movie style, photography
38landscape wallpaper, light blue and (white:1.1) colors, high quality, absurdres, masterpiece
39landscape, great fantasy tree, purple flowers, glowing butterfly, wolf, forest, volumetric lighting, best quality, masterpiece, intricate details, realistic
40landscape of a futuristic sci fi city, sci fi, ultra realistic, high resolution, city
41After the dawn of men, new changes in reality, combining worlds and life will start once again, alien influences attract new species, future landscape, 4k, photorealistic, realism, cinematic lighting, rim lights, focus sharp picture, 
42flower meadow around soft light,sharp,exposure blend,medium shot,bokeh,(hdr:1.4),high contrast,(cinematic, teal and orange:0.85),(best quality, masterpiece, absurdres, 3d:1.2),surreal,detailed background,V-Ray Render,no humans,glowing,water,outdoors,landscape,artwork of 3D geometry,daily Render,still life,3d geometry,3d model,by Alexander McQueen,avant-garde style,concept design,clean,perspective,glass,
43sun rising over majestic norwegian winter landscape, cinematic, photo
44photo RAW,(autumn, mountains and a storm lake with a moon in the sky, old wooden slab home, 4k highly detailed digital art, 4 k hd wallpaper very detailed, impressive fantasy landscape, sci-fi fantasy desktop wallpaper, 4k wallpaper, 4k detailed hdr photography, sci-fi fantasy wallpaper, epic dreamlike fantasy landscape, 4k hd matte, 8k,Realistic, realism, hd, 35mm photograph, 8k), masterpiece, award winning photography, natural light, perfect composition, high detail, hyper realistic, (composition centering, conceptual photography), realistic, detailed, balanced, by Trey Ratcliff, Klaus Herrmann, Serge Ramelli, Jimmy McIntyre, Elia Locardi
45the (desert, sand, rocky terrain, beautiful volumetric lighting, god rays, lens flare, sun glare:1.2), (landscape wallpaper:1.6)
46Masterpiece, Establishing shot of a post-nuclear sprawling landscape, ash so thick it appears to be snowing, monochromatic, distant cities, Lighting study, two small humans, overgrown, cinematic still, small red highlights, glowing red lights,
47beach, boat, cloud, sky, traditional media, water, watercraft, (masterpiece:1,2), best quality, masterpiece, highres, original, extremely detailed wallpaper, perfect lighting
48Detailed, cinematic scene of a vast blue desert, shimmering mirages revealing hidden oases and ancient cities, magical creatures emerging from the sands, ethereal winds blowing
49(( Astrophotography, Night Sky, Star Trails, Celestial Wonders Elegance, Muted Tones, Classic, Serenity   )), art by Liniers , art by Ben Passmore , art by Wenyi Geng , art by Sophie Roach
50cinematic photo of a tiny island in the middle of the Norwegian fjords with a single lonely house, volumetric lighting, single window light on house, BREAK, red cottage, taken on a hasselblad medium format camera, high green mountains on either side
51Cinematic still, scenery, sky, night, star (sky), starry sky, outdoors, water, night sky, nature, rock, glowing, tree, no humans, blue theme, river
52oil on matte canvas, sharp details, the expanse sci-fi spacescape ceres colony, intricate, highly detailed, digital painting, rich color, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, Unreal Engine 5, 8K, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha
53concept art A surreal sight of a crystal-clear lake in the middle of the desert, reflecting the stars of the Milky Way. The juxtaposition of the arid landscape and the tranquil waters adds a dream-like quality to the scene. . digital artwork, illustrative, painterly, matte painting, highly detailed
54deep in a red tinted pine forest at dusk, foggy, ground view, matte painting, rocky, waterfall in distance, stunning detail, 4k, hd, clean, full of detail, sharp focus, rule of thirds by Makoto Shinkai, thomas kinkade, Karol Bak, trending on artstation
55Brutalist architecture, concrete, grotesque building, massive concrete structure on a stiff cliff, casting dramatic shafts of light
56girl, climb, tree, conquer, heights, cinematic shot + dynamic composition, incredibly detailed, sharpen, details + intricate detail + professional lighting, film lighting + 35mm + anamorphic + lightroom + cinematography + bokeh + lens flare + film grain + HDR10 + 8K + Roger Deakins, ((cinematic))
57cinematic photo of a tiny island in the middle of the norwegian fjords with a single lonely house, volumetric lighting, single window light on house, BREAK, red cottage, taken on a hasselblad medium format camera, high green mountains on either side
58((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), (intricate), futuristic cityscape, shimmering skyscrapers, advanced technology, high-tech vehicles, trails of light, (sci-fi setting:1.3), (vibrant atmosphere:1.1), (futuristic city:1.2), (glowing skyscrapers:1.1)
59oasis, transparent blue water, calm, palms, rocks, nature,wide composition, 21:9, dynamic, great perspective, film grain, motion blur, cinematic, masterpiece, high quality, highres, absurdres, editorial, official art, artstation, dramatic, great composition, concept art, matte painting, hyperreal, photoreal, realistic, raw photo, detailed, ultra-detailed, intricate,
60Contax TVS Digital, HDR,  Global illumination, wildflower meadow with groups of flowers in it, ((masterpiece)), (((best quality))), ((ultra-detailed)),  (Amazing:1.1),

How To Generate Better Landscape Images In Stable Diffusion

Here are some tips that will help you generate better landscape images in Stable Diffusion. 

Use Well-Trained Models

Whenever you’re generating images in Stable Diffusion, the model you use is crucial in determining the style and quality of the images. 

While the base Stable Diffusion model is good, users from the Stable Diffusion community have made their own models that are trained on specific styles or images. 

Some of these models are well-trained in creating landscape images better than others. Here are some of the best Stable Diffusion models for generating landscape images: 

There are many other Stable Diffusion models out there that you should test yourself and discover new styles. Also, don’t forget to try the new SDXL models that are insanely good.

But the ones above are some of my favorites for generating landscape images. 

Use Negative Prompts

Using a negative prompt can significantly improve the images you generate in Stable Diffusion. A negative prompt can help you weed out undesirable aspects from the image or anything you don’t want to see. 

You can find tons of negative prompts online but here is the one I’ve used for generating all the example images shared below. 

Also, do keep in mind that some negative prompts include Embeddings or Textual Inversion models. So, make sure you have those embeddings downloaded in Stable Diffusion. 

Stable Diffusion Landscape Prompts Examples

Here are some of the examples from the various landscape prompts for Stable Diffusion shared above:

Looking for more prompts? Check out:


Here are some frequently asked questions about creating landscape artwork in Stable Diffusion: 

Can I use any model to create landscape art in Stable Diffusion? 

You can use any model to create landscape artwork in Stable Diffusion. But models trained specifically on landscape, natural, or sci-fi artwork would generate better images. 

What words to include while creating landscape art in Stable Diffusion? 

Generally, you don’t have to include any specific words as long as you describe your image well. But, you can use words such as “landscape”, “cityscape”, and “sci-fi” in your prompts depending on the type of landscape art you want to create. 

Is Lora required to create landscape art in Stable Diffusion? 

Lora models aren’t required to create landscape art. However, you can use Lora models to generate images with a specific style, object, or setting. 

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So, that’s our list of the best landscape prompts for Stable Diffusion. My final advice will be to try out all these prompts and then mix-and-match them to create something unique and wonderful. 

And, don’t forget to write your own prompts in Stable Diffusion if you truly want to master the art of generating AI images. 

Lastly, feel free to drop your comments and share your favorite prompts for generating landscape art in Stable Diffusion.

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