130+ Stable Diffusion Illustration Prompts (With Examples)

Stable Diffusion allows you to explore a ton of illustration styles allowing you to almost generate anything. 

Whether you want to generate vector art, pencil illustrations, isometric illustrations, or anything in between, you can do it all with the prompts I’m about to share. 

In this article, I’ll share over 100 Stable Diffusion illustration prompts that cover all your needs for generating digital illustrations. 

Not only does this list contain over 100 prompts, but I’ve also included examples generated from these prompts along with some recommended models for each illustration style. 

Overall, this mega list is a culmination of hours of work to give you the best resource of illustration prompts for Stable Diffusion. 

Before we begin, make sure to bookmark this page so you can come back anytime whenever you’re in need of some creative inspiration. 

That being said, let’s get started. 

Stable Diffusion Illustration Prompts

I’ve categorized the prompts into different categories since digital illustrations have various styles and forms. 

I’ve covered vector art prompts, pencil illustration prompts, 3D illustration prompts, cartoon prompts, caricature prompts, fantasy illustration prompts, retro illustration prompts, and my favorite, isometric illustration prompts in this list. 

Moreover, I’ve also listed some recommended models that will help you generate these styles with ease. 

So, here’s our list of the best Stable Diffusion illustration prompts. 

Stable Diffusion Vector Art Prompts

Creating vector prompts with Stable Diffusion is very easy when you use the right models and prompts. 

Whenever you’re creating vector art illustrations in Stable Diffusion, make sure to include words like “vector art”, “vector illustration”, “vector”, or “illustrator”, to achieve your desired results. 

Moreover, the models listed below will help you generate vector art much more easily compared to other Stable Diffusion models

S.No. Stable Diffusion Vector Art Illustration Prompts
1vector illustration, breathtaking wedding shot of a couple, garden, flowers, greenery, sunny day
2Illustrator, vector art, 1girl, lip, Sweater, blue gradient background, Neon hair, Textured crop top
3a beautiful neon jellyfish, illustration, vector
4illustrator, a young woman with ((beach waves hair)), In an astronaut suit, representing space exploration, dynamic pose,
5A ((man)) riding a sandworm, dune, illustration, desert, sand dunes
6High Fashion, ultra-detailed, masterpiece, a sly woman with short curly blonde hair wearing a blue and Red cape with a popped collar, tacky pattern baggy clothing , in a courtyard, dynamic, dramatic, haute couture, elegant, ornate clothing
7illustration of a Lofi girl, working on a laptop, wearing headphones, sitting by the window, night sky
8photo of a 19yo beautiful Asian girl (film grain) of (young:0.9) twitch streamer with perfect small breasts and poofy hair,(Asian face:0.2), (realistic face, perfect eyes, perfect face:1.1), colorful hair, makeup, eyeliner, wearing glasses, relaxing on a couch, illustration
9(dark magic), (grim), the raven ,(intricate details), (hyperdetailed), 8k hdr, high detailed, lot of details
10a giant monster hybrid of dragon and Giant Squid, in dark dense foggy forest, illustration
11Illustration, Eerie, an Environmental art of 1woman of 25yo, neon green hair, sulking, Ruined Kingdom of France
12Breathtaking, a Nature shot of Wizard, sleepy, Rainbow Valley Casing
13Art deco shot of a black panther, roaring, beautiful nature
14Full shot of a bustling metropolis at night
15dynamic Close Up of a sports car captured in natural light, dawn, a sci-fi city in background

Recommended Models: 

Model NameTypeVersion
Vector Illustration StyleLoRASD 1.5
Vector IllustrationLoRASD 1.5
Vector ArtCheckpointSD 2.1


Stable Diffusion Pencil Illustration Prompts

For pencil illustrations, use words like “pencil art”, “pencil drawing”, or “pencil illustration” to get your desired result. 

You can generate pencil drawing illustrations in Stable Diffusion by using regular checkpoint models such as SDXL, DreamShaper, or GhostMix. 

However, I’ve included some models that are better trained on pencil art style and will be much better. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Pencil Illustration Prompts
1beautiful sketch of a puppy, cute, smiling, big ears, pencil drawing
2sketch, woman wearing Pinafore dress and ruffled blouse, masterpiece, 8k, high resolution, shallow depth of field, sharp focus
3Neon Cyborg, abstract contemporary, feminism, installation, mixed-media, organic Metal particles and pieces in the air Envision an ancient robotic humanshaped Computer standing in a vast, sun-kissed prairie. The boundless expanse stretches to the horizon, and the robotic human graceful figure harmonizes with the natural beauty of the open wasteland. Pencil sketch, sketch
4(masterpiece, best quality:1.1), (sketch:1.1), paper, no humans, (a rose:1.1), flower, stem, thorn, leaf, plant
5Pencil drawing, winding cobblestone street, quaint shops, lamplight, rainy evening
6Pencil drawing, bustling train station, steam engine, anxious faces, departure board, masterpiece, beautiful
7Pencil drawing, weathered fisherman’s boat, nets drying on ropes, salty breeze, distant lighthouse
8Pencil drawing of a sports car, monochrome
9Pencil drawing of a library, filled with books, monochrome
10((masterpiece,best quality, detailed)), 1boy, male focus, (sketch:1.1), paper, monochrome, cropped torso, emotionless, looking at viewer, white shirt
11Pencil drawing of an hourglass, monochrome, beautiful
12dynamic shot of a beautiful red ruby and (diamonds:1.2) scaled dragon|cat hybrid, (beautiful eyes, up close:1.3), macro, mythological creature, dream world, pencil sketch, pencil drawing, monochrome, highly detailed
13Pencil drawing of a venomous snake, hissing, dangerous, sketch, monochrome
14Drawing of a human heart, highly detailed, pencil drawing, monochrome, sharp
15(masterpiece), ethereal werewolf, celestial, angry mood, pencil drawing

Recommended Models: 

Model NameTypeVersion
Pencil SketchLoRASD 1.5
Old Sketch StyleLoRASD 1.5
Pen SketchLoRASD 1.5


Stable Diffusion Cartoon Illustration Prompts

Since there are so many cartoon styles, you’ll most likely have to rely on LoRA models if you want to get a specific result. 

But in general, using terms like “cartoon”, “cartoon style”, “cartoon illustration”, and “anime cartoon” will help you generate cartoon illustrations in Stable Diffusion. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Cartoon Illustration Prompts
1cute cartoon portrait of an angry witch
2a sheep eating grass and smiling, cartoon, cute, colorful
3dynamic shot of a cat chasing a mouse, Tom & Jerry, cartoon
4a beautiful woman, with short dark blonde hair, captured in motion on a street in nightclub
5A sleek sports car speeding through a rainforest, droplets creating a misty haze around the glistening vegetation,
6a black fat man, a straw hat, (farmer, dirty clothes:1.1), a field with wheat in the background, a ranch, warm lighting, cozy atmosphere
7a creature adorned with luminescent feathers that cascade like a vibrant waterfall, their iridescent glow casting an enchanting shimmer upon the surroundings, cartoon
8by Matias Hannecke, (electrifying but extremely beautiful:1.4), (intricate details, masterpiece, best quality:1.4), in the style of Nicola Samori, Futuristic style, sleek, modern, ultramodern, cartoon
9cartoon style, colorful, highly detailed, visually stunning, by dino 1girl, dramatic moonlight, solo focus, 1girl, beautiful face
10dark forest, foggy, haunting, cartoon
11solo, short hair, 1boy, jewelry, upper body, weapon, male focus, dark skin, from side, tattoo, profile, cartoon
12(portrait),masterpiece, best quality,ultra-detailed, illustration, woman, portrait snowing, night
13a lighthouse during a bright sunny day, cartoon
14Beautiful peacock, cartoon style, masterpiece 
15(18yo redhead girl:1.2), makeup, graphic eyeliner, rouge, (choker:0.9), realistic skin texture, oversize knit sweater, (red:0.8)

Recommended Models: 

Model NameTypeVersion
SDXL Yamer’s Cartoon ArcadiaCheckpointSDXL 1.0
Cartoon StyleCheckpointSD 1.5
Cute Cartoon IllustrationCheckpointSD 1.5


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Stable Diffusion 3D Illustration Prompts

For generating 3D illustrations in Stable Diffusion, you don’t have to rely on specific models for 3D art. You can simply use the models you use and include the terms “3D” or “3D illustration” in your prompts to get the desired result. 

However, I’ve listed some models that I found to be very good at generating 3D illustrations. I’ve used some of these models in the examples you see in the gallery. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion 3D Illustration Prompts
1head tilt, upper body, pink hair, dress, (best quality, masterpiece ,ultra-detailed:1.1), 1girl, solo, looking at viewer, smile, 3d illustration
2cyborg woman, electronic systems on-head humanoid,,beautiful detailed eyes, beautiful detailed lips, muscle wire, flesh-colored skin, metallic elements, digital interface, glowing circuitry, advanced sensors, high-tech prosthetics, seamless integration, artificial intelligence, technological enhancements, wearable technology, modern aesthetics, bionic enhancements, advanced biotechnology
3Alien editorial, 3d, illustration, masterpiece
4penguin, standing on ice, smiling, Antarctica, 3d
5mini house, landscape, old fashion, nature, night light, a bubble, in the bubble, high detailed, masterpiece, best quality
63d illustration style, spiderman, black and red suit, webs
7official art, 4k, photography, cyberpunk biotic neon lush lustful city submerged by fire, flying spaceships, biotic robot, alien lush rainbow body connected to terminal, (biotic arms:1.1), einstein as (barbie), straw hat, (exploding skyscrapers, spaceships fighting in the sky:1.2), subway station, (cyberpunk style, anime 2d style, hologram with text “Cybernetic AI”:1.2), highly detailed, intricate, trending on artstation, art by J.C. Leyendecker
8bright red strawberry in a glass bowl, delicious, masterpiece, 3d, illustration, best quality
9(playful, robot, cyborg style, cartoon, girl, cute smile, outdoor, 3d rendering) (best quality, 4k, 8k, highres, masterpiece:1.2), ultra-detailed, (realistic, photorealistic, photo-realistic:1.37)
10neon spider, glowing, 3d, illustration, masterpiece, trending on artstation
11a man meditating on top of a mountain, calm, beautiful view, 3d
128k, very sharp image, masterpiece, best quality, highres, 1girl, upper body, short messy bangs, medium hair, brown hair, white eyes, winter clothes, winter, winter gloves, snow cap, smoke blue hour, twilight,
13cat, looking at viewer, animal focus, no humans, illustration
14masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, gradient hair, very detailed skin, detailed skin pores, raytracing, dark background, low lighting, galaxy background, glitched face effect
15a portrait of a woman in an Egyptian hieroglyph-inspired art style, blending ancient motifs with modern elegance, dark skin, from above

Recommended Models: 

Model NameTypeVersion
3D Cartoon VisionCheckpointSD 1.5
3D Animation DiffusionCheckpointSD 1.5
Cute Cartoon SDXLCheckpointSDXL 1.0


Stable Diffusion Flat Illustration Prompts

You can generate some pretty good flat illustrations in Stable Diffusion by using the words “flat illustration”, “vector”, “vector art”, etc in your prompts. 

Besides that, check out the modes I’ve listed that are trained on flat vector art style and will help you generate flat illustrations with ease. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Flat Prompts
1A warped highway, trees, early evening, ((hypnotic spiral on sky:1.3)), surrounding, surreal mysterious, vector art style, ancient Japanese ink style, vector 
2(masterpiece, best quality:1.2), 1boy, solo, gloves, jacket, black gloves, coat, sunglasses, leather, outdoors, night sky, rain, reflection, neon lights, light particles, glowing, raining, portrait, close-up, looking at viewer, flat, vector
3Vector art, illustration of a delicious bowl of ramen, sizzling hot, smoke, stunning
4Jamie Hewlett style, vector art illustration of a blonde girl, 1girl, sitting on a rose field, colorful, vibrant, golden hour, sunset, perfect lighting, perfect shadows
5vector illustration, rotisserie chicken
6Man fighting a Chinese dragon with a sword, masterpiece, illustration, vector art style
7(Masterpiece:1.2, high quality), cat, street, vector illustration, cute, pink color
8vector illustration of an herb garden, birds, sunlight, bright day, masterpiece
9Man riding a horse, vector illustration, snowy road, winter, snowfall
10blue jellyfish, 1girl, long hair, dress, solo, black hair, mushroom, nature, white dress, outdoors, tree, walking, forest, vector illustration
11masterpiece, best quality, 1guy, large window, earth, lunar surface, standing, earth seen from the moon, night, vector illustration
12Vector illustration of a Japanese temple
13Vector illustration, (masterpiece, best quality), 1girl, pink hair, crop top, denim shorts, bedroom, striped thigh highs, 
14vector illustration of a man working in an office
15vector illustration of a sunflower, sunny day

Recommended Models: 

Model NameTypeVersion
niji – flat_illustrationLoRASD 1.5
Minimal Flat IllustrationLoRASD 1.5
Flat IllustrationLyCorisSDXL 1.0


Stable Diffusion Caricature Illustration Prompts

For creating caricature style illustrations in Stable Diffusion, you’d mostly have to rely on checkpoint or LoRA models trained to generate this style. That’s because the majority of popular models fail to generate caricatures properly. 

Moreover, when using these models, make sure to include the word “illustration” in your prompt so that the output has a more illustration style look to edit. Otherwise, your images could come out looking too realistic. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Caricature Illustration Prompts
11male, caricature, solo, portrait, simple background, blonde hair
2portrait, close-up of an old angry woman in a Kitchen, nighttime, equirectangular 360, Embarrassing, surreal, caricature, illustration style
3(best quality) , (masterpiece), digital art, fairy tale, Overgrown man, Farmer, equirectangular 360, Detailed illustration, Proud, 35mm
4Bart Simpson, caricature, illustration
5caricature of an angry orange cat, illustration
6grandmother, caricature, solo, portrait, simple background, glasses, mask down, forehead
71girl, caricature, solo, portrait, looking at viewer, simple background
81boy, caricature, looking at viewer, portrait, mischievous look on face 
9caricature, portrait, snobbish woman, fashion designer, wearing jewelry 
101girl, younger, caricature, looking at viewer, portrait, long hair, ponytail
111baby, solo, caricature, looking at viewer, portrait, light smile
12caricature, anthropomorphic strawberry, smiling, cute eyes, solo
13caricature, good dog, smiling, cute
14caricature, superman, weird face, drooling, funny
15caricature, police officer, annoying face, angry

Recommended Models: 

Model NameTypeVersion
Caricature XLLoRASDXL 1.0
Cartoon Caricature LoRASD 1.5
Krueger Caricature Art StyleLoRASDXL 1.0


Stable Diffusion Fantasy Illustration Prompts

Generating fantasy illustrations in Stable Diffusion is pretty easy and can be done with the majority of the popular Stable Diffusion models. 

You don’t have to include specific words or terms in your prompts if you’re using an art style model. If not, then you can include the word “illustration” in your prompts. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Fantasy Illustration Prompts
1city, house, european architecture, outdoor, sunny day, road, white clouds, distant view, depth of field, fantasy, illustration style
2scenery, lava floes in hell, glowing, masterpiece, best quality, intricate detail, absurdres, chromatic aberration, depth of field, soft lighting, tone mapped, highly detailed, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, dramatic lighting, illustration, fantasy
3fantasy illustration, illustrator, {high quality}, 8K wallpaper, Ultra HD, masterpiece, illustration, 1girl, beautiful face, angel, from behind
4Concept art, no humans, water puddles, country side, road, rain, cloudy, illustration, fantasy
5(art by John French Sloan:0.7), (art by Frank Cho:0.7), (art by Charles Ginner:0.8), Color splash, ground level shot of a Shabby Welding machine, inside a 1920’S Eiffel Tower, Stars in the sky
6(1man, muscular adult icelandic male:1.2), light blue eyes, silver hair, fade with sideburns, portrait, solo, half shot, looking at viewer, detailed background, detailed face, illustration
7animal (cat:1.5) skiing, snowboard, snow explosion, action shot, nude, sunlight, wide angle, (tail:1.3), illustration, fantasy
8Bosch-style, a translucent cube traps eerie clouds, the starsscape warps, time distorts, surrealism reigns, stars, Glowing, sparkling, fantasy style, illustration
9very beautiful insanely detailed image of glowing seascape lighthouse in golden spring”. beautiful golden mountains, bright dark yellow ornate sun, by Victo_Ngai, Oleksandra Ekster, Malevich, fantasy style, illustration
10finger nibble at the teeth, close up photo of very seductive red lips, sexy, beautiful, realistic, lifelike, studio photo, highly detailed
11by Eddie Campbell, (hand-drawn overlays but extremely beautiful:1.4), (intricate details, masterpiece, best quality:1.4) , in the style of nicola samori, Assassins creed style art, Vibrant, fantasy
12light house, by the sea, rock,wood house,grass, (masterpiece),((ultra-detailed)), (highly detailed fantasy illustration),(expressionless), (best quality:1.2), High quality texture, intricate details
13designed by greg manchess,smoke, Close Portrait of a woman, bright detailed eyes, sleek scarlet hair, dense freckles, matte lips, cigarette mouth, futuristic, gold glasses, trending on art station, smoke
14fantasy illustration, illustrator, train, snow mountain, sunset, (masterpiece),((ultra-detailed)), (highly detailed CG illustration),(expressionless), (best quality:1.2), High quality texture, intricate details
15a (frozen:1.1) cosmic rose, the petals glitter with a crystalline shimmer, swirling nebulas, ethereal lighting, purple, nighttime, darkness, fantasy illustration

Recommended Models: 

Model NameTypeVersion
FantasyLoRASD 1.5
Fantasy WorldCheckpointSD 1.5
Fantasy Character LoRASD 1.5


Stable Diffusion Retro Illustration Prompts

To get the retro or old look in your illustrations, you will most likely have to use the models I’ve listed below. 

Using regular checkpoint models and including the word “retro” in your prompts will not bring out the best results. Your best bet is to use LoRA models that will give your output a more retro look. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Retro Illustration Prompts
1Retro illustration, a poster based on the mythic character of lir king, in the style of jeff easley, dark and brooding designer, master of shadows
2Retro illustration, a colorful orchid, retro, 80s, illustration style
3Retro illustration, black hair, black eyes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, t-shirt, skull, masterpiece, best quality, highly detailed
4Retro illustration, otherworldly creature, [demon:darkness:35], [flames:magma:40], with swirling flames cascading from its body, fearsome power and ethereal presence, non-representational, colors and shapes
5retro illustration of a t-rex, destruction, metropolis, mecha
6Pastel illustration (80s anime) of a {teen boy and a girl, Standing on the balcony of a multi-story russian panel houses, (looking out at the beginning sunset:1.25)
7retro, illustration, minimal, halls of a school, perfect lighting, dynamic shot
8Retro, illustration of a minimalist landscape, river, meadow, mist, clouds, mountain, tree, forest
9scenery, cyberpunk city, neon lights, garbage, food store, (masterpiece:1.2), best quality
10pirate colony, retro illustration, The cove is a bustling hub of pirate activity, with weathered docked ships, their sails bearing the mark of skull and crossbones
11face close up, glamour photography of a random stylish goth girl, edgy vibe, dark, mascara, eyeliner, dark cheeks, Unique facial piercings with ornate jewelry, Round eyes, Dimples, Smoky eye makeup
12a decayed truck in a forest, rust, moss flowers, vines, Digital illustration, very vibrant colors, soft lighting, adventurous, atmospheric lighting
13by peter de seve, (masterful but extremely beautiful:1.4), (masterpiece, best quality:1.4) , in the style of nicola samori, cinematography, otherworldly monolithic structure dominates a desolate plain, stark contrast, flat horizon, solitary monument, anamorphic cinematography, shot on arri alexa mini, panoramic view
14(masterpiece, best quality:1.1), (scales:1.18), no humans, (greater bird of paradise:1.05), feathers, animal, animal focus coral, seaweed
15A retro illustration (high quality:1.2), (best quality:1.2), (masterpiece:1.2), official art, official wallpaper, surreal, (detailed bark, detailed Titillating Craving, carnation:1.2) (detailed:1.05), (extremely detailed:1.06), sharp focus, (intricate:1.03), (extremely intricate:1.04), (black background:1.1), beautiful face

Recommended Models: 

Model NameTypeVersion
Retro Illustration XLLoRASDXL 1.0
Retro Illustration MixLoRASDXL 1.0
Retro AnimeLoRASD 1.5


Stable Diffusion Isometric Illustration Prompts

My favorite style of illustrations is isometric illustrations and in Stable Diffusion, you can generate some pretty good isometric illustrations. 

There are a ton of models on Civitai for isometric art and I’ve listed the best ones down below. When generating isometric illustrations in Stable Diffusion, make sure to include the word “isometric” in your prompts. 

Even without any specific isometric style models, you can generate isometric illustrations just by the inclusion of the term “isometric”. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Isometric Illustration Prompts
1Isometric, outdoors, no humans, scenery, sign, cable, trash can, neon lights, san Fransisco scene, ultra sharp, best illustration, extreme light and shadow, bloom, shine, dynamic angle
2Isometric,farm, animals, scenery, sunlight, greenary, ultra sharp, best illustration, golden hour, cloudy day
3Isometric, retro sci-fi sprawl, neon-lit skyscrapers, flying cars, rain-slick streets, arcologies, hazy sky, Tron-inspired.
4Isometric, whimsical mushroom village, towering toadstools, cobblestone paths, brightly-painted houses, flowerpot chimneys, luminescent moss, fantastical creatures
5Isometric illustration, ocean floor observatory, bioluminescent glow, coral reef, sleek glass tunnels, schools of fish, kelp forests, futuristic technology, Star Wars-inspired
6Isometric illustration, cozy bookstore cat cafe, stained-glass windows, overflowing bookshelves, napping cats, coffee-drinking patrons, cobblestone streets, Ghibli-inspired
7isometric garden, rose flowers, colorful, birds, illustration, shadows on the ground
8isometric illustration of a living room, 3d render style, illustration, minimal, masterpiece
9Pyramids of Giza, isometric style, colorful illustration, minimal, clean, beautiful
10Isometric, grand masquerade ball, swirling gowns and masks, opulent chandeliers, marble floors, hidden identities, secrets whispered in shadows, Venetian carnival inspiration
12Isometric, street food corner, sizzling grills, aroma of spices, colorful banners, illustration
13Isometric illustration of Taj Mahal, beautiful, stunning, marble
14bedroom of a gamer, isometric, illustration style, minimal
15best quality, computer cutaway isometric, (solo,chibi:1.2),:d, circuit board,CPU,fan

Recommended Models: 

Model NameTypeVersion
Insane IsometricCheckpointSD 1.5
Isometric DreamsLoRASD 1.5
Isometric CitiesCheckpointSD 1.5

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How To Generate Better Illustrations In Stable Diffusion

Generating illustrations in Stable Diffusion isn’t difficult but if you want to create something perfect, you’ll have to follow some tips. 

Use The Right Models

The model you choose for generating your illustration is very crucial as it defines how your output image is going to look. 

If you’re aiming to generate a specific art style, it’s always best to choose a model that’s trained to generate just that one style. 

I’ve already mentioned some great checkpoint and LoRA models for the illustration styles mentioned on this list. 

But, here are some more models that are good for generating illustrations in Stable Diffusion. 

Recommended Models: 

Model NameTypeVersion
Stoked IllustrationCheckpointSD 1.5
SDVN8-ArtXLCheckpointSDXL 1.0 
Illustration InsanityLoRASDXL 1.0 
Illustration StyleLoRASDXL 1.0 
Color IllustrationLoRASD 1.5

Use Proper Words In Your Prompts

Just like your model, including words in your prompts specific to your desired result go a long way in generating the image you want.

In general, if you’re generating illustrations, using words like “illustration” or “illustration style” will help you get the desired output. 

But if you want something more specific, you should include those words in your positive prompts. You don’t have to overcomplicate your prompts by including too many words. Just make sure to include the word of the style you want to generate. 

Use Negative Prompts & Embeddings

Always use negative prompts for every image you generate in Stable Diffusion as it helps you weed out the unwanted elements from your output image. 

For all the images I’ve generated in the examples above, I’ve used the following negative prompt: 

text, watermark, low quality, medium quality, blurry, censored, wrinkles, deformed, mutated text, watermark, low quality, medium quality, blurry, censored, wrinkles, deformed, mutated, embedding:easynegative

You’ll notice that I’ve included an embedding model in my negative prompt. I always recommend using an embedding in your negative prompts. 

Embeddings are very good at filtering out all the bad elements your image could have and also save you from writing long and complex negative prompts. 

I recommend using the EasyNegative or FastNegative embeddings in your negative prompts. 

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So, that concludes our mega list of the best Stable Diffusion illustration prompts and models. This list of prompts will help you a lot in generating illustrations using Stable Diffusion. 

I’ve covered pretty much every illustration style so that you know how to generate various styles. You now know the prompts and the models to use for generating these styles. 

Now, go on and create some pretty cool and badass art in Stable Diffusion. 

And if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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