70 Stable Diffusion Full Body Prompts (With Examples)

Struggling to create full body shots and portraits in Stable Diffusion? 

Well, as good as Stable Diffusion is at generating portraits, many users struggle at generating full body images. Most of the time it’s due to bad prompting or using the wrong models or image dimensions. 

Whatever the case may be, I have a list of over 60 Stable Diffusion full body prompts that will help you generate better full body shots and portraits. 

I’ll also share some tips to help you get better at writing prompts for full body images. That being said, let’s get started. 

Stable Diffusion Full Body Prompts

Here is the list of the best Stable Diffusion full body prompts you can try out yourself and get inspiration from. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Full Body Prompts
1A full body shot of an angel hovering over the clouds, ethereal, divine, pure, wings
2A full body shot of a farmer standing on a cornfield
3full body portrait of a male fashion model, wearing a suit, sunglasses
4full body portrait of a sci-fi female mecha, holding a gun, cyberpunk
5a full body portrait of an old hipster man with a ponytail, cigar in mouth, smoke, badass
6a Japanese monk standing outside of a temple, wearing traditional kimono, bald, calm look on face, (full body portrait)
7(full body, sports shoes, wide angle shot, baseball uniform, baseball gloves, baseball stadium, baseball match), cartoon, 3d Render, Cinema 4d
8a full body portrait shot of an Indian bride, wedding dress, jewelry, elegant style, fireworks in the background, head bowing down
9full body shot photo of the most beautiful artwork in the world featuring a beautiful woman dressed in an intricate outfit at burning man in the desert, iridescent, trending on ArtStation, CGSociety, Intricate, High Detail, Sharp focus, dramatic, photorealistic painting art by Greg Rutkowski
10full body, young beautiful woman, best quality, ultra high res, (photorealistic:1.4)
11full body cyborg| full-length portrait| detailed face| symmetric| steampunk| cyberpunk| cyborg| intricate detailed| to scale| hyperrealistic| cinematic lighting| digital art| concept art
12Full body portrait of Wonder Woman, cinematic, dynamic pose, sci-fi background
13Editorial portrait, full body, 1male, dynamic pose, futuristic fashion, cinematic
14full body shot at distance a (natalie portman:0.8) (emma watson:0.7) girl, (frightened:1.7), ([(grey:0.9) | (purple:1.9) | pink | blue | red | (purple:1.1) | black | (red:1.2) | pink]:1.3) hair, (long wild hair:1.4), (freckles on face:1.3), pearcing (red punk jacket:1.3), black t-shirt landscape of ocean and cliffs on background
15full body photo of iron man in winter snow armour, (intricate details), hdr, (intricate details, hyperdetailed:1.2), cinematic shot, vignette, centered, ice age
16Nostalgic full body photograph of a group of friends playing in a treehouse, sunlight filtering through leaves, carefree laughter, childhood memories, vintage film aesthetic, grainy textures
17Full body portrait of a car model, photorealistic, highly detailed, beautiful eyes
18cinematic light epic shot action pose beautiful model with half computer code body and half human in a combat zone, battlefied, universe made of mirror, Portal rupture in time, insanely detailed and intricate, lord of the ring concept art, far away shot, backlight, full body shot
19(masterpiece, top quality, best quality, official art, beautiful and aesthetic:1.2),(1girl:1.4),upper body,([pink|blue] hair:1.5),extreme detailed,(fractal art:1.3),(colorful:1.5),highest detailed,(Mechanical modification:1.5), ((full body))
20photograph of (Mona Lisa:0.6), countryside in the background, renaissance, film, 50mm, full body portrait
21full body shot of Santa Claus, carrying a bag of gifts on his shoulder
22analog photo, dark shot, low key, action, (20 years old girl), strawberry blonde pixie bob hair, huge tits, fit, reflections on the wall background, abstraction atmosphere, (prismatic, holographic:1.2), sparkles, neon pixels, (neon light:1.1), ((full body portrait))
23(masterpiece, best quality:1.1), (scales:1.18), no humans, (greater bird of paradise:1.05), feathers, animal, animal focus coral, full body visible
24masterpiece, best quality, intricate detail, intricate background detail, 1girl, gradient hair, happy, full body, pop art, chibi art
25photo of a Cat poised gracefully atop an ancient oak tree, autumn leaves fluttering around, golden hour casting long shadows, backlit, sharp focus on feline, bokeh effect on background foliage, digital painting, full body
26martius_storm,In a scene that evokes the grandeur of the Renaissance, the formidable storm unfolds in the sky, a tribute to Michelangelo’s mastery of dramatic and dynamic environments. In the midst of this powerful tempest, the figure of the Stormweaver, Goddess Eirian, is portrayed with the sculptural precision and anatomical perfection characteristic of Michelangelo’s work. Her form, reminiscent of the figures in the Sistine Chapel, displays a powerful grace, her muscles and drapery defined with the careful attention to detail and understanding of the human body that Michelangelo famously depicted in his sculptures like ‘David’ and ‘Pieta.’ Eirian’s attire, though ethereal and flowing, possesses a sense of weight and texture akin to the marble folds Michelangelo carved in his statues. Every fold of her gown, every movement she makes amidst the swirling clouds, echoes the artist’s ability to capture both the strength and softness of the human form. The descending mechanical artifacts, integrated into this Michelangelo-inspired tableau, are rendered with the same level of detail and realism. Their design is influenced by the intricate engineering sketches and studies from Michelangelo’s notebooks, blending seamlessly with the mythological and classical theme. This scene, a blend of Michelangelo’s classical artistry with the mythical narrative of the Stormweaver, creates a powerful, timeless composition, filled with the dramatic tension and physical realism that defined Michelangelo’s legacy, all captured in a high-resolution, cinematic frame
27a cybermutant flesh mutant made of pulsating flesh and biomechanical limbs, hyper mutant girl, fusion of flesh and machine, quivering tumors, fleshy growths, mutagenic, cybernetic hoses, wires, anime style, 2d, fighting game style masterpiece, best quality, ultra realistic, 32k, RAW photo, detail skin, 8k uhd, dslr, high quality, film grain,\nShort and messy hair, dynamic, vibrant, action-packed, detailed character design, reminiscent of fighting video games, black bloody veins growing and intertwining out of the darkness, oozing thick neon rainbow blood, veins growing and pumping blood, vascular networks growing, connecting, expanding, red veins everywhere, zdzislaw beksinski, (vibrant colors:1.1), (Infrared:1.2), Rust, Hypercube, ultra detailed, intricate, oil on canvas, ((dry brush, ultra sharp)), (surrealism:1.1), (disturbing:1.1), beksinski style painting, sparks, lens flare, rim lighting, backlighting, RTX, Post Processing, satanic cross, man body, muscular, venom costume, (japanese portal), death shadow nightmare ethereal beast, floating into the abyssal heights, nebula, cinematic, dreaming, Film light, bathing in light, very sharp focus, Hyper detailed, Hyper realistic, masterpiece, spiritual, surreal, atmospheric, maroon cream bronze, High resolution, Vibrant, High contrast, dark angle, 8k, HDR, 500px, dystopian
28fantasy anthropomorphic cat warrior in dark tavern holding a pint of ale in a cozy environment with gas lamps rustic wood warm brick fireplace and frosted glass windows, full body shot
29a photo taken with the front camera of an iPhone 15. An ultra-realistic and detailed photo of a beautiful woman, with short dark blonde hair, captured in motion on a street in nigth club, With motion blur, it is captured in natural daylight, full body visible
30A full body portrait of a cyberpunk hacker, illuminated by neon lights, standing confidently in a dark alleyway.
31A full body painting of a powerful sorceress, her hands crackling with arcane energy, as she strides through a swirling vortex of magic.
32a regal looking beautiful fae in a luxurious dress with colorful translucent wings in a flowery glade, glow worms, (by archan nair:1.4), (by william turner:1.2), (by claude monet:1.2), (by henry asencio:1.1), (by edgar degas:1.1), (by pierre-auguste renoir:1.1), (by gustav klimt:1.1), (by alphonse mucha:1.1), art nouveau, golden hour, front lighting, side lighting, epic, dramatic, dynamic, mythical, legendary, ethereal, dreamy, full body
33A full body sculpture of a Greek goddess, carved from marble, with flowing robes and a serene expression, bathed in soft, ethereal light.
34A full body illustration of a celestial being, adorned with stars and galaxies, floating through the cosmos, radiating cosmic energy.
35A detailed full body portrait of a woman with flowing, silver hair, wearing a dress made of shimmering moonlight, standing barefoot in a moonlit forest
36A surreal full body photograph of a figure in a dark cloak, their face obscured by shadows, standing alone in a vast, desolate landscape. 
37A hyperrealistic full body sculpture of a cyborg, with intricate mechanical parts seamlessly integrated into their flesh, gazing into the distance with a look of determination
38whimsical full body illustration of a fairy, perched on a mushroom, surrounded by glowing fireflies, with delicate wings and a mischievous grin
39full body portrait of a person, standing in profile, with their back to the viewer, gazing out at a breathtaking sunset over a tranquil ocean
40A full body photograph of a ballet dancer, captured in mid-leap, with graceful lines and perfect form, set against a black backdrop.
41full body portrait of a child, with wide, curious eyes, gazing up at a night sky filled with stars, their expression filled with wonder and awe
42dreamlike full body painting of a mermaid, lounging on a rock, with glistening scales and flowing hair, bathed in the soft light of a full moon
43haunting full body sculpture of a ghost, its ethereal form captured in translucent marble, with a look of longing and sorrow in its ghostly eyes
44full body portrait of a person, captured in a moment of quiet contemplation, with their eyes closed and a peaceful expression, bathed in soft, natural light
45full body painting of a majestic stag, standing proudly in a sunlit forest, with antlers that branch out like tree limbs, embodying the spirit of the wild
46full body photograph of a lone astronaut, floating in the vastness of space, with a tether connecting them to their ship, capturing the beauty and isolation of space exploration
47full body portrait of a Victorian-era woman, dressed in a sumptuous gown, with her hair arranged in elaborate curls, holding a delicate fan in her gloved hand
48full body painting of a swashbuckling pirate, brandishing a cutlass and sporting a rakish grin, standing atop a treasure chest overflowing with gold and jewels
49full body photograph of an astronaut, fully suited up and helmeted, gazing out at the Earth from the surface of the moon, with the blackness of space as a backdrop
50full body sculpture of a centaur, with the muscular torso of a man seamlessly blending into the powerful body of a horse, poised as if ready to gallop into battle
51full body illustration of a dragon, its scales shimmering in hues of red and gold, its wings outstretched as it soars through the clouds, breathing fire from its open jaws, vector art
52full body portrait of a person wearing a flowing robe, their face obscured by a mask, standing in a misty forest, with an air of mystery and intrigue, highly detailed, masterpiece
53full body sculpture of a mythical creature, such as a griffin, a sphinx, or a mermaid, blending the features of different animals in a fantastical and awe-inspiring way
54full body portrait of a person immersed in a vibrant cityscape, with neon lights, bustling crowds, and towering skyscrapers creating a dynamic and energetic backdrop
55full body photograph of a fashion model, striking a dramatic pose on a catwalk, wearing a cutting-edge design that showcases the latest trends in fashion
56full body portrait of a person in a state of intense emotion, such as joy, grief, anger, or fear, conveying the raw power of human emotion through their expression and posture
571girl, science fiction, power armor, cyberpunk, skyscraper, masterpiece, best quality, intricate, full body
58((full body)), raw photo, upper body, disco, (80s, retro:1.1), dance floor, lasers, rainbow theme, a dancer man, 30 years old, sunglasses, big afro, (manly, wide jaw:1.2), dark skin, sparkly jacket, golden shirt, (vibrant colors:0.9), film grain, bokeh, fashion magazine, hdr, highly detailed photography, (muted colors, cinematic, dim colors, soothing tones:1.2)
59hyper realism, IR photo, light leaks, (split screen overlay , x-ray view:1.3), double exposure, (glitched image:1.2), a glitched out portrait of a red skin (demon girl) walking through a graveyard, succubus girl, vaporwave aesthetic, pixelation, sinusoidal distortions, screen tear, post modern deconstruction, molecular view, vibrational spiral signals, (rose garden overlay, split screen image:1.1), abstractions, experimental, anime rage, oniric portrait of a tall cloaked figure (with a glitched mask) and green clothing, vaporwave aesthetic, glitched body effect, Azem the Traveler, yearning to explore the ends of the world to discover its wonders and help its denizens, by Andy Kehoe, a gradient masterpiece, blue cyan yellow, Rococopunk, luminism, seamless, China ink, Ink Bubbles, alcohol ink elements, chiaroscuro, Shadow play, Gold leaf small lines, bright splashes of alcohol ink puddles, volumetric light, auras, rays of sunlight, bright colors reflect, isometric, digital art, 3d render, chromatic aberration, octane render, volumetrics, by greg rutkowski
60Surreal portrait, melting clock, distorted perspective, (insect wings overlay:1.2), full body shot of a person with elongated limbs and a dreamlike expression, floating in a gravity-defying space, symbolic elements, subconscious imagery, full body
61Steampunk illustration, intricate gears, metallic textures, (schematic diagrams overlay:1.3), full body portrait of an inventor wearing goggles and holding a prototype robot, Victorian era aesthetic, airships in the background, steam clouds, full body
62Underwater photorealistic image of a girl, sunlight filtering through water, bubbles, (bioluminescent creatures overlay:1.2), full body shot of a free diver exploring a coral reef, vibrant marine life, sunbeams breaking through the water, ethereal glow, full body
63Renaissance-inspired sculpture, marble texture, flowing drapery, (anatomical sketches overlay, split screen image:1.1), full body statue of a mythical creature, half-human, half-lion, with a powerful pose and intricate details, classical art, chiaroscuro lighting, heroic stance, full body
64High fashion photography, dramatic lighting, bold colors, (magazine cover layout:1.3), full body shot of a model in a flowing avant-garde gown, striking a pose against a futuristic cityscape, art deco architecture, neon lights, chrome accents, reflective surfaces, full body
65Hyperrealism, IR photo, neon glow, (circuitry overlay, x-ray view:1.4), hologram effect, (fractured mirror reflection:1.2), full body portrait of a cyberpunk hacker with glowing blue hair and robotic arm, immersed in a digital world, cyberpunk aesthetic, glitch art, datamoshing, CRT screen distortions, abstract geometric shapes, neon reflections, volumetric smoke, full body
66Hyperrealistic full body portrait of a bioluminescent jellyfish, pulsating with vibrant neon colors, swimming gracefully through the depths of the ocean, ethereal glow, bioluminescent trails, underwater photography style
67Hyperrealism full body shot of a parkour athlete leaping across rooftops, defying gravity with impressive agility, urban setting, dramatic sunlight, gritty textures, split-second freeze-frame
68Humorous full body illustration of a cat wearing a top hat and monocle, balancing precariously on a stack of books, mischievous grin, exaggerated anatomy, cartoon style, witty details
69Mysterious full body portrait of a woman with swirling galaxies reflected in her eyes, wearing a flowing cosmic dress, celestial aura, interconnectedness with the universe, dreamlike expression, sense of wonder
70Abstract full body sculpture of a dancer, contorted limbs defying human form, capturing the energy and flow of movement, contemporary art style, bold gestures, polished metal surfaces

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Here are some example images generated from the prompts listed above in the table. These examples will help you understand more about how good these prompts are and what can you expect from them. 

For all the example images above, I’ve used various SDXL models with an aspect ratio of 720*1080 for all images. The images were generated in ComfyUI which can be downloaded from here.

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How To Generate Full Body Shots In Stable Diffusion

When it comes to generating full body shots, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind to successfully get the desired results. 

Here are some tips to help you generate full body shots in Stable Diffusion. 

Use The Right Aspect Ratio

The image dimensions in Stable Diffusion play a crucial role in the output image generated. It’s a misconception that no matter what image dimension you choose, it won’t affect the output image. 

Well, that’s not true and has been proved many times. This is especially true in the case of generating full body shots in Stable Diffusion. 

Choosing a portrait aspect ratio such as 512*768 or 720*1080 will more likely output a full body shot compared to landscape aspect ratios. 

This mostly happens because the Stable Diffusion models tend to crop out the body in landscape dimensions. 

So, if you’re struggling to generate full body images, make sure you use a portrait image dimension to get better results. 

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Describe Your Image In Detail

When generating full body shots in Stable Diffusion, make sure to include the word “full body” in your prompts. 

You must’ve noticed that all the prompts in the list above had this word included. Sometimes I even included the word in parenthesis to put more emphasis on it. 

This is crucial for full body portraits as Stable Diffusion models are mostly trained on close-up shots. 

So, describing your image in detail by using words like “full body portrait” can help you get the desired result. 

Here is a list of words you can include in your prompts to ensure you get a full body in the images you generate: 

  • Full body portrait
  • full body shot
  • standing on __ 
  • head to toes
  • wide angle
  • zoomed out
  • Walking on __ 
  • full figure 

These words will help you ensure you get a full body of the human, animal, or any other creature you want to generate. 

You can also use prompt weights if using these words isn’t getting you the results you want. 

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This concludes our list of the best Stable Diffusion full body prompts to help you generate beautiful images of humans, animals, or other characters where the entire body is clearly visible. 

In our list, we included prompts for portraits, candid images, and more. We also included images in various styles such as paintings, illustrations, and photographs to help you generate full body images in any style in Stable Diffusion.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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