60 Best Stable Diffusion Food Prompts (With Examples)

Are you looking to create sizzling and delicious food images and artwork using Stable Diffusion? 

Well, I got some really tasty (pun intended) Stable Diffusion food prompts that will help you create food images that look super realistic. 

Whether you want to create food images for your restaurant, business, or social media, these prompts will help you create realistic images. 

So, without wasting any further time, let’s get started. 

Best Stable Diffusion Food Prompts

Here’s our collection of the best Stable Diffusion food prompts that will help you generate beautiful images of food. 

I’ve included prompts for a wide variety of food dishes and items including some food photography shots to give you an idea of how to prompt for such images. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Food Prompts
1Photo of a burger with cheese from food photograph, food photography, photorealistic, ultra-realistic, maximum detail, foreground focus, recipes.com, Epicurious, Instagram, 8k, volumetric light, cinematic, octane render, uplight, no blur, depth of field, bokeh
2grilled dragon steak served with a side of roasted vegetables, (intricate details:1.12), hdr, (intricate details, hyperdetailed:1.15)
3Photo of a beautiful and delicious ramen noodles on a cold winter night
4photo of centered-in-frame cake with glaze
5professional closeup photo of 1 white marble banana on a wooden table, detailed, film grain
6a photo of a cream chocolate cake, with chocolate topping and cream and a single strawberry. Warm side light from the left.
7((masterpiece:1.3,concept art,best quality)),very cute appealing anthropomorphic apple, looking at the viewer, big grin,happy, fruit, berry, droplets, macro,sunlight, fantasy art, dynamic composition, dramatic lighting, epic realistic, award-winning illustration
8ultra-detailed 8k cg, Japanese ramen, chopsticks, egg, steam,
9chocolate, glow, hyperrealism, cinematic, highly detailed, simple background
10Food photography of meatballs, professional lighting, film grain
11alchemy fantastic still life composition with plump fruit in a basket, black background, a wine bottle and a jade plant, an astrology book, a candle, an eerie and gloomy atmosphere, rule of thirds, neoclassical surrealism, hyperrealistic oil painting, art in the style of Felipe Pantone
12100mm raw camera, f/2.8, professional food photo of salmon steak, spinach, lemon, steam, super-realistic, soft light, exposure blend, medium shot, (muted colors, dim colors, soothing tones:1.3)
13A cat sits on a wooden chair and looks at a stack of blini pancakes with disgust
14fried egg breakfast, ketchup, ham
15Lunch of a gym bro, high protein, food photography
16Photo of three glasses of vodka on a wooden table, in a bar, night, bokeh
17professional photo of steak, steam, soft light, exposure blend, medium shot, bokeh, (hdr:1.4), high contrast, (cinematic, teal and orange:0.85), (muted colors, dim colors, soothing tones:1.3), low saturation,
18A soft kitten drinking chocolate milk from a straw with a sunbeam, close-up, cinematic, film grain
19Draconian, Wild berry bush, hyper-detailed, (Winter:1.2), Bokeh, Grim, Glitchcore, F/1.8, Low Contrast, Ektachrome, Romantic, flat lighting, gilded technique, DOF, bokeh
20Photo of a long subway sandwich
21gingerbread man, candy, (masterpiece),((ultra-detailed)), (highly detailed CG illustration),(expressionless), (best quality:1.2), High quality texture, intricate details, detailed texture, High quality shadow, Cinematic Light,
22luxury cocktail in a tropical oasis, bokeh, sunlight, ocean, ice, particles, lens effects, calm, relaxing, beautiful, green, plants, tropical, cinematic, film grain, food photography, product design, official, editorial, magazine cover, best quality, high quality, masterpiece, absurdres, highres, intricate details,
23Photo of soft bread just out from a oven in a french bakery, fluffy, delicious, beautiful, smoke
24Photo of a luxury lunch of beef tartare with caviar and avacado, on a yacht, cinematic, close-up 
25A bowl of butter chicken, creamy and delicious, cinematic, film grain, Indian food
26Stack of chocolate chip cookies, crumbs on table, food photography, studio lighting
27Morning toast with a glass of orange juice on a table, close-up
28a piece of cheesecake with raspberry, white ceramic plate, dripping red juice, ((bright theme)), (masterpiece), ((ultra-detailed)), (highly detailed CG illustration),(expressionless), (best quality:1.2), intricate details, detailed texture, High-quality shadow, Cinematic Light
29Chicken Biryani in a huge bowl, Hyderabadi biryani, food photography
30photo of an amazing loaded snozboffle milkshake. chocolate hurricaneism syrup. whipped creampunk, busy retro diner background
31Cooked whole turkey on a table, RAW, Realistic, HD, 4k
32A realistic photo of (intricate transparent glass interstellar nebula Strawberry statue made of galaxies, flora, and fauna, hyper-realistic, ultra-detailed, elegant, beautiful, 1 tail)), photo is taken with a Canon EOS R5 and a Canon RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L IS USM lens, ultra high quality, stained Glass, snowflake textured Glass
33food photography, shish kebab
34KFC chicken burger, dark background, quality photo, fried chicken, studio photo, smoke
35burger, fries, glass of cola, on a table
36food photography, traditional Korean food
37meatballs with mac and cheese, highly stylized, 4k, unreal engine 5 render, food art, food photography, realistic render, smoke, mist, dramatic lighting, cinematic lighting, rule of thirds, depth of field
38Food photography, pineapple pizza
39Food photography, fresh oranges sliced up on a white plate, juicy, cinematic
40Professional dynamic food photograph of a flames shaped like a chili pepper in the shape of flames bursting into flames, splashing water drops
41(strawberry berry on earth), hyperrealism, beautiful foreshortening, cinematic, glow, reflexes, illuminated
42Food photography, chicken wings on a wooden cutting board, smoke, hot sauce on top, studio lighting
43Traditional Indian food, idli and sambar, food photography
44Photo of delicious looking grilled cheese sandwich on table, photorealistic, hyper quality, intricate detail, masterpiece, 8k,
45(masterpiece),(best quality),(ultra-detailed), cupcake, rainbow sprinkles, photograph, decorated, cherry-on-top, pink chocolate drizzle, food photography
46((nuts on the ground), hyperrealism, beautiful foreshortening, cinematic, glow, reflexes
47Photo of delicious-looking gummy worms, masterpiece
48Food photography, hot chicken soup, smoke, dark studio, 
49comic photograph, 35mm, Dark, 50mm, Phase One XF IQ4 150MP, cinematic lighting, Fujifilm XT3, side lit, Great pork chops of Electricity, Canon R5, F/1.8 
50cereal box with the text “nutty mornings”
51Food photography, victorian breakfast
52a multi-layered wedding cake made of vanilla and cherries with whipped cream covered in scales, chocolate bride and groom miniatures on top
53Food photography, meat
54Blueberry ice cream, in a stylish modern glass, ice cubes, nuts, mint leaves, splashing milk cream, in a gradient purple background, fluid motion, dynamic movement, cinematic lighting
55RAW Photograph, a plate with the most delicious tiramisu, intricate detailing, raytracing, HDR, 35mm, masterpiece, 8k, amazing composition
56Masterpiece, delicious, baklava, food photography
57With peach flavored drink next to splashes and cut peaches, creative business image, red and magenta, water drops, creative advertising poster, contest winner, photo montage, Realistic composition
58worked boards (with homemade condiments), vegetable tartare, meat/fish tartares, seasonal tabouls, vegetable tarts, salty cakes or donuts, hot or cold soups (enhanced with a soft-boiled egg, flavored oils, croutons, condiments…), spreads (houmous, tapenades, homemade sardines) with breads, galettes or crudits, marinated meats
59(masterpiece:1.2), (best quality) ,(highly detailed:1.2), (detailed background), foodstyle, food arugula on a table, blurry, Bokeh depth of field, food focus
60Photo of a platter of vegetable salad, food photography

Here are some example images generated using the Stable Diffusion food prompts listed in the table above: 

For all these images, I’ve used the realismEngineSDXL checkpoint model. You can also both SDXL models and SD 1.5 models and get good results using these prompts. 

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So, that concludes our list of the best Stable Diffusion food prompts. I hope this list of prompts helps you create realistic food images. 

If you have any questions about the prompts listed above, feel free to drop your questions below. 

Also, do check out more prompts on our website: 

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