50+ Best Stable Diffusion Cartoon Prompts (With Examples)

Want to create cartoon images in Stable Diffusion? If yes, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best Stable Diffusion cartoon prompts to give you some inspiration on creating stunning images in cartoon and anime style. 

I’ve listed over 50 prompts with some examples to give you an idea of how your images will turn out using these prompts. Moreover, you’ll also find some recommended cartoon checkpoint models for Stable Diffusion. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s jump straight in. 

Best Stable Diffusion Cartoon Prompts

Here’s our collection of the best cartoon prompts for Stable Diffusion. You can use these prompts as is or modify them according to your needs. 

S.No.Best Stable Diffusion Cartoon Prompts
1portrait, 1girl, solo, long hair, looking at viewer, blonde hair, simple background, shirt, brown eyes, white shirt, pink hair, multicolored hair, earrings, lips
23d cartoon, 1boy, riding a bicycle, sunny day, street, outdoors, trees
3bioluminescent neon flower, fabulous night forest, magical radiance, sharp focus, fractal, colorful, depth of field, best quality, vivid colors, volumetric lighting
4masterpiece, high quality, fat cute cat, with a belly, blue background
5A fox in the forest, Disney style, animated film, cartoon
6a Clockwork djinn with ornate, mystical lamps at a Gaslit bridge spanning over tranquil river, city of yharnam,
73D cartoon, batman, the dark knight
8masterpiece, high res, detailed face, detailed eyes, 1 girl, solo, muscular, smile, short hair, orange hair, forehead, circlet, blue eyes, ((Chinese clothes, orange shirt)), bare shoulders, bare arms, wristbands, (blue shorts), full body, flying kick towards the viewer. ((outdoors))
9a man wearing a long fur coat, full body, sunglasses, detective, neon city, cyberpunk
10a woman with short hair in shorts sitting in a submarine cockpit, wearing ripped spacesuit armor. Detailed art, super fine line art 90’s vintage, Bulma, looking out the window, ghibli, Moebius, Tsutomu Nihei. Powerful pose, speed lines, birds flying around, industrial architecture
11by Octavio Ocampo and Peter Mohrbacherin the style of Christophe Vacher
121boy black eyes black hair blush brown coat brown jacket closed mouth coat cowboy shot glasses jacket long sleeves looking at viewer male focus open clothes round eyewear shirt short hair simple background skirt smile solo standing sweater white background white shirt
133d, 1girl,arm wrap black hair, boat, bridge, budget Igarashi, building, cast, city lights, cityscape, cliff, cloud, cloudy sky, dusk, evening, fire, fireplace, gradient sky, horizon, injury, island, lake, landscape, lens flare, lighthouse, lips, molten rock, mountain, mountainous horizon, lake, orange sky, outdoors, palm tree, purple sky, realistic, red sky, river, sand, Igarashi, scenery, shore, sky, solo, sun, sunlight, sunrise, sunset, twilight, water, watercraft, waves, wrist wrap, purple sky
14by Ellen Jewett and Adi Granov, depth map, a spaceship crew faces a mysterious threat, hyper-detailed, professional poster art, bold lines, award-winning, trending on ArtStation, (intricate details, masterpiece, best quality:1.4), looking at viewer
15(masterpiece, best quality), 1girl, green hair, crop top, denim shorts, bedroom, striped thighhighs,
16A massive spaceship jumping into hyperspace, warp speed
17a woman with long black hair and a smile on her face and wearing a beige shirt and earrings with a gold hoop, Ding Yunpeng, beautiful face
18a huge volcano, lava, explosion, night sky
19a lonely man looking out the window of a bus, sad face, yearning for happy days, award-winning 
201girl, Holo-Punk Style, aqua hair, arm tattoo, glittery blue hair, brown eyes, earrings, eyelashes, grin, indoors, jewelry, lips, makeup, necklace, shirt, short hair, short sleeves, smile, solo, t-shirt, tattoo, teeth, denim pants, white shirt, faux hawk, punk aesthetic, arms behind head, cinematic angle, foreshortening, dark, dark background, cinematic lighting, masterpiece, best quality
21shut out the world, it’s getting worse save yourself, don’t leave the house because a happy future is a thing of the past
22A traditional Finnish sauna with walls made of aged wood, overlooking a serene lake through a large glass window. Peaceful, warm tones, detailed wood grain, soft lighting filtering through steam
23Monstrous blizzard with the fierce face of a dragon, engulfed in whiteout conditions, flames and fire, and buffeting winds, cnematic, mysterious, sinister, scary, wild, deadly, and beastly. A nightmarish masterpiece.
24(strange but extremely beautiful:1.4),(masterpiece, best quality:1.4), in the style of nicola samori, Spider-Gwen Venom
25cyberpunk, cyborg, 1boy, aged up, face focus, shoulder pads, cultist, red facepaint, war paint, black hood, crazy eyes, alley, night, neon trim, foreshortening, close-up
261boy, male focus, military tags, gloves, jacket, dark-skinned male, dark skin, facial hair, night, beard, smile, sunglasses, portrait, ((masterpiece))
27by Studio Ghibli and Alphonse Mucha, Selective focus, The Joker as an anime character, genuine smile, inside (Arkham Asylum)
28landscape, stunning, masterpiece, Northern lights
29masterpiece, best quality, hatsune miku, (mecha suit:0.8), tight suit, upper body, closed mouth, looking at viewer, arms behind back, high res, 4k, 8k, intricate detail, cinematic lighting, amazing quality, amazing shading, soft lighting, Detailed Illustration, anime style, wallpaper
30(face to face:1.2), 2 beautiful female with amazing body and transparent and gothic style clothes, stare at each other, full body, great composition with intricate complexity, heavily blushing
31lofi girl, sitting by the window in her room, wearing headphones, doing her school homework
32animation by framestore directed by ben hibon, glittering sparkling diaphanous shadow puppetry, a neon backlit flamenco dancer performing in a room full of people
33a mechanical centipede, masterpiece, cinematic composition, 3d cartoon
34intricate details, best shadow, detailed face and eyes, textured skin, high res, Anime, humanoid, the gill man, in the ocean, swimming up, charming expression, best quality, masterpiece, high detailed, pastel colors, very detailed, high resolution
35freelancer savoring fried rice while programming at a sunlit poolside on the top floor of a Bangkok skyscraper, blissful, serene environment, bright day, urban backdrop, foreground focus on the food and laptop.
36a Korean singer performing on stage, kpop, masterpiece, wearing shiny beautiful shorts with a crop top, smiling, holding a mic in hand, smiling
37a highly detailed portrait of a samurai in feudal Japan, a vast green field filled with colorful petals flying in the air, a castle is in the background, japan aesthetic, extremely detailed, cartoon, 3D render
38It’s the edge of the world and all of Western civilization The sun may rise in the East, but at least it settled in a final location It’s understood that Hollywood sells Californication
39It was out on Thunder Road, Tweeter at the wheel They crashed into paradise, they could hear them tires squeal dramatic lighting, hard side light, glowing edges
40council of cats in a meeting with the king cat, luxury meeting room
41An open-plan office where a transparent digital board displays the salaries of all employees, professional, modern, illuminated with natural light, vibrant atmosphere
42looking at viewer man solo with short bangs, black hair, hair ornament, upper body, hairclip, shiny, blue_eyes, parted bangs, eyelashes, headgear, portrait, science fiction, goth theme, cyberpunk
43beautiful fireworks in the night sky
44a comical cartoon villain, smirk, dangerous, scary
45spiderman, poster, cartoon, 3d
46((Medium Close Up of compact aquatic fluidic alien mollusk soul, tailless, curved-tailed, scales, wyvern wings,)) (that’s feel embarrassed) , ((look at the camera)), jungle as background
4780s anime style, solo, adult, woman, goth, black sweater, green detailed eyes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, glowing lipstick, bangs, sidelocks, black short hair, handsome, wistful, sorrow, ear piercing, looking at viewer
48Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at the close of the day, rage against the dying of the light.
49an award-winning digital art piece featuring a menacing and powerful wizard. This bearded figure, with long hair and stark white facial hair, is highlighted by a dim backlight creating a stark contrast against a dark, foggy atmosphere. 
50Cartoon in the style of Studio Ghibli, hyper-realism, creature, fantasy, James Christensen, bold lines, hyper-detailed
51slender ancient and dilapidated lighthouse on top of a terrible cliff offering atmospheric views, (big storm and waves at sea:1.4), hyper detailed, masterpiece, cartoon, animated 3d
52(bright minimalistic sci-fi scene:1.2), Cinematic futuristic photo, a cute girl, 22 years old, curly blonde hair, (wearing a white sci-fi bodysuit), (girl standing in a spaceship harbor, space landing field), carbon fiber, anodized aluminum, black metal, bright white and silver minimalistic SciFi scene
53light projection, a portrait of a woman painted on a wall with light, stunning beauty, soft light, dark colors, line art, simple background, modernism, masterpiece
54ultra-detailed image illustrating a dystopian future marked by bad habits and the relentless advance of a destructive machine. Envision darkness, accentuated by night vision with a duo-tone palette of teal and Indian red.
55Mountains, with cloudy sky, in the style of John Holcroft, whimsical floral scenes, kengo kuma, light silver and light red

Below are some examples generated from the cartoon prompts listed in the table. For all the images generated, I’ve used the ToonYou checkpoint model which is a very good model for generating cartoon and anime-style images in Stable Diffusion. 

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Best Stable Diffusion Cartoon Checkpoint Models

If you want to create good cartoon images in Stable Diffusion, you’ll need to choose the right checkout models. 

There are plenty of Stable Diffusion models out there for different styles and purposes. And if you use the wrong models, you’ll not get the results you want in your images. 

For creating cartoon-style images, you’ll need to choose specific cartoon checkpoint models that are trained to generate such images. This will help you get better and more accurate results compared to using regular checkpoint models. 

I’ve used and tested a lot of cartoon models for Stable Diffusion and there are a lot of models that are good but only a few are worth recommending. 

Here are some of the best Stable Diffusion models you should use if you want to generate cartoon images. Some of these are checkpoint models while others are LoRA models. 

Model NameTypeVersion
ToonYouCheckpointSD 1.5
Cartoon ArcadiaCheckpointSDXL 1.0 & SD 1.5
Cartoon StyleCheckpointSD 1.5
Cute Cartoon IllustrationCheckpointSD 1.5
Studio Ghibli StyleLoRASD 1.5
Cartoon Style ClassicCheckpointSD 1.5
Arcane StyleLoRASD 1.5
Anime Pastel DreamCheckpointSD 1.5

With these checkpoints and LoRA models, you’ll be able to create a wide variety of cartoon-style images in Stable Diffusion. 

You can also try using regular models but in that case, your prompts will have to do the heavy lifting of getting the style you want to generate. 

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So, that concludes our list of the best Stable Diffusion cartoon prompts and models to create the best cartoon and anime images. 

You can take inspiration from these prompts and create unique and stunning cartoon images in Stable Diffusion. 

If you have any questions about creating cartoon-style images in Stable Diffusion, feel free to drop your questions in the comment section below.

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