Best Stable Diffusion Camera Prompts With Examples & Guide

Many Stable Diffusion users are unaware of the fact that you can control the camera style, distance, lens, angles, etc to generate images with varying styles and looks. 

This all can be done by using some smart Stable Diffusion camera prompts which give you finer control over how your image looks. 

In this list, I’ll be sharing some of the best Stable Diffusion camera prompts you can use strategically to get better images. 

Let’s get started. 

How To Write Stable Diffusion Camera Prompts

The key to writing good Stable Diffusion camera prompts is to have atleast some surface-level understanding of some photography terms. 

If you know these popular photography terms, you can then include them in your prompts and get your desired image. 

In this list of camera prompts for Stable Diffusion, I’ll be covering a wide range of photography terms and styles which include the camera distance, lighting, angles, lenses, and more. 

Camera Shot Size Prompts

Getting the right distance is crucial whenever you’re generating an image in Stable Diffusion. For instance, if you’re generating a portrait, you want the camera to be up close to the subject. 

And if you’re generating full-body shots, you have to ensure the camera displays the whole subject. 

Camera Shots

Here is a list of popular camera shot sizes along with the words you can use in your prompts to get these shots. 

Shot SizeTerms You Can Use In Prompts
Extreme CloseupClose up, extreme closeup, extreme portrait
Closeupcloseup shot, portrait
Medium ShotMedium shot, 1/3 body, medium closeup shot
Cowboy ShotCowboy shot, 1/2 body 
Medium Full ShotMedium shot, medium body, 3/4 body, medium wide shot
Full ShotFull shot, full body, full body visible
Long Shotlong shot, far away

You can experiment with the words you use in your prompts but the list above can help you cover most camera shot sizes and distances. 

Here are some example images generated demonstrating the use of the above camera distance prompts in Stable Diffusion: 

Camera Angle Prompts

The camera angle is another interesting factor to consider when generating images. With the right camera angle, you can generate pretty good images in Stable Diffusion. 

Again, having a surface-level understanding of camera angle terminology can go a long way and help you experiment with different camera angle shots. 

Here are some popular camera angles and the prompts you can use to generate them in Stable Diffusion: 

Camera AngleTerms You Can Use In Prompts
Eye Level ShotEye level shot, at the eye level 
Low Angle Shotlow angle shot, from a low angle
High Angle ShotHigh angle, high angle shot
Knee Level ShotKnee level shot
Ground Level ShotGround level shot, shot from ground level 
Dutch Angle Dutch angle shot, dutch tilt, dutch angle
Bird’s Eye View / Overhead ShotOverhead shot, from the top, birds eye, birds eye view

Stable Diffusion is not really that good at understanding camera angles so you will have to do a bit of trial and error to get your desired image. 

You might also need to choose the right checkpoint model to get these kinds of shots. 

Here are some example images I’ve generated demonstrating the different camera angles.


Camera Lens Prompts

Camera lens is another interesting way to get beautiful shots and have more finer control over the images you’re generating. 

By including camera lens prompts, you can determine the depth of field and get some pretty good shots. 

Here are some popular camera lenses and the prompts you can use to get such shots. 

Camera LensTerms You Can Use In Prompts
Wide Angle Lens (10-35mm)Wide angle shot, 10mm focal length, 35mm
Standard Lens (35-70mm)50mm focal length
Telephoto Lens (70-200mm)85mm focal length, 200mm focal length

Using lens prompts can help you generate stunning images in Stable Diffusion especially if you’re generating portraits or close-up shots. 

Here are some example images I’ve generated using these lens prompts. 

Camera Shutter Speed Prompts

Using shutter speed prompts can help you generate images with motion blur or fast-moving subjects. 

Here are some shutter speed prompts you can use in Stable Diffusion: 

Camera Shutter SpeedTerms You Can Use In Prompts
Slow Shutter SpeedSlow shutter speed, 1/30 shutter speed
Fast Shutter Speed Fast shutter speed, 1/1000s

Here are some example images generated using these shutter speed prompts: 

Camera Type Prompts

Lastly, you can also include the name of the cameras in your prompts to get better images. I’ve seen this on many images on Civitai but I’m not fully sure how effective it is. 

Regardless, here are some camera names you can include in your prompts: 

  • Leica Q2
  • Fujifilm X-T4
  • Fujifilm X-T3
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark 
  • Nikon D850
  • Sony A6400
  • Sony A7 IV
  • Fujifilm X100V

Best Stable Diffusion Camera Prompts

So, we’ve covered some important camera terms and terminologies so that you know how to craft the right Stable Diffusion camera prompts. 

Now, let’s put everything we’ve learned above and put it together to create some camera prompts for Stable Diffusion. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Camera Prompts
1cityscape at night with light trails of cars shot at 1/30 shutter speed
2a wide angle shot of mountains covered in snow, morning, sunny day
3a full body shot of a ballet dancer performing on stage, silhouette, lights
4action shot of a car racing, 1/1000s shutter speed, lights, street, night
5a cheetah running, 1/1000s shutter speed, side shot, motion blur
6a river flowing in a forest, 1/1000s shutter speed, motion blur
7low angle shot of a man playing piano on stage
8birds eye view shot of a desert
9knee level shot of a police officer
10overhead shot of a suburban city
11medium shot of an old man, hipster, long beard
12a closeup shot of a sunflower
13(award winning photo by Ambrose Lomax and Micha Bar-Am:1.2), scene by Bernardino Campi, unconventional and everlasting atmosphere with transmittance, masterful details, full depth, depth blur, Fujifilm X-T4
14an extreme close up of an eagle’s eyes, macro photography
15wide shot of a penthouse, 35mm, luxury, lavish lifestyle
16art by Jeremy Lipking, François De Nomé and Ed Piskor, Portrait, Burgundy mountains, landscape of a Insecure (Cityscape:1.3) , at Blue hour, Movie still, telephoto lens
17side-profile of a Dull (“Chthonian Alliance”:1.2) , lush reeds, Spring, Bokeh, Hopeless, Light and shadow plays, UHD, art by Jacques Tati, cinestill, full body shot, low angle
18cyberpunk, action shot, dynamic, [art by Bill Medcalf| Masaaki Sasamoto], concept art, 100mm
19ground vehicle, blonde hair, science fiction, outdoors, long hair, street, tree, building, hood, from behind, jacket, standard lens, high angle shot
20old city gate made of rubble, ivy, overgrown, flowers, fantasy, guards in armor, 50mm focal length

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So, that concludes our list of the best Stable Diffusion camera prompts. I hope this list helped you learn more about how to use camera prompts in Stable Diffusion to get the best images. 

If you have any questions or doubts about the prompts shared on this list, feel free to drop your questions below.


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