70+ Stable Diffusion Architecture Prompts (With Examples)

When it comes to generating beautiful images of architecture, Stable Diffusion is one of the best and most versatile options out there. 

From ancient buildings to futuristic skyscrapers that defy physics, you can generate pretty much anything in Stable Diffusion

But if you’re someone who struggles to come up with creative ideas and prompts, then this article is for you. 

In this list, I’ll share the best Stable Diffusion architecture prompts you can take inspiration from for generating images. 

These prompts cover a wide variety of architectural images you can generate with Stable Diffusion. 

That being said, let’s get started. 

Best Stable Diffusion Architecture Prompts

Here are the best Stable Diffusion prompts for architecture. Before we get into the list of prompts, here are the models I’ve used for generating these images: 

As you can see, I only used SDXL models for all the images generated below. Also, if you’re curious, I used ComfyUI for my workflow as it works well with SDXL models. I’ve written a beginner’s guide to ComfyUI if you’re interested. 

With that out of the way, let’s dive in. 

S.No. Stable Diffusion Architecture Prompts
1maximalist kitchen with lots of flowers and plants, golden light, award-winning masterpiece with incredible details big windows, highly detailed, fashion magazine, smooth, sharp focus, 8k
2a concert hall built entirely from seashells of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each shell, meticulously placed, amplifies and modulates the sounds of the ocean waves, creating a symphony of natural music. Bioluminescent plankton illuminates the interior, casting an ethereal glow on the audience seated on giant clamshells. Sea turtles glide gracefully through the air currents, conducting the symphony with their flippers, while dolphins whistle melodies that echo through the seashell halls.
3a library nestled within a vibrant coral reef, its shelves teeming with bioluminescent books that pulse with the rhythms of the ocean. Sunken archways adorned with anemones lead to spiral staircases woven from kelp, while schools of fish flit between towering coral columns that hold ancient scrolls. Sunlight filters through the water, casting an ethereal glow on the knowledge within.
4A solar-powered city nestled within a giant crater on the moon, its buildings gleaming like crystals under the eternal lunar night.
5A gravity-defying skyscraper that spirals upwards, its floors connected by cascading waterfalls.
6vegas sphere, made out of slimy liquid, architecture
7award winning interior photo, photograph, ultra photorealistic, photorealism, film still of inside a modern white spacious (swimming-pool inside a smooth stone cave:1.25), smooth shading, desert, daylight, bright colors, hyper realistic, modern, surreal, lights, minimalistic studio architecture, behance, halation, bloom, dramatic atmosphere, rule of thirds, 8k uhd, dslr, high quality, film grain, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400
8very tall building, cyberpunk dystopia, massive skyscraper, immense scale, scifi, cinematic, award winning, volumetric light and fog, neon palette, subsurface scattering, caustics, bloom, perfect exposure, perfect composition, rule of thirds, 8k
9A huge statue of a King in the middle of a city, masterpiece, made out of white marble, stunning, sharp focus, high quality
10photography of a (fantasy city:1.5) made out of spider webs, High detail RAW color Photo, 8k, natural light, volumetric lighting, subsurface scattering
11Macro photography of a (fantasy city:1.5) in the form of DNA, High detail RAW color Photo, 8k, natural light
12ethereal fantasy concept art of best quality, masterpiece, hyperrealistic, ultra photorealistic, a big buddha, very huge, broken buddha, there’s a hole, copper plate forging, expose internal reinforcement structure, some broken, but the majesty remains,  enviroment, from below, Noon time and Rainy weather,shabby city background, extremely detailed, texture, 8k, Amazing, . magnificent, celestial, ethereal, painterly, epic, majestic, magical, fantasy art, cover art, dreamy
13cyberpunk city, dawn, early morning, shore, ocean, paradise, utopia, transparent blue water, skyscrapers, very tall building, citadel, sci-fi, future architecture, wide composition, 21:9, dynamic, great perspective, film grain, motion blur, cinematic, masterpiece, high quality, highres, absurdres, editorial, official art, artstation, dramatic, great composition, concept art, matte painting, hyperreal, photoreal, realistic, raw photo, detailed, ultra-detailed, intricate,
14A stormy sky over a cityscape with tall buildings, Tilting, Negative Space, separation light, high key masterpiece, realistic, award winning, volumetric light and fog, neon palette, subsurface scattering, caustics, bloom, perfect exposure, perfect composition, rule of thirds, 8k, cinematic, breathtaking, ray tracing 
15dramatic photo of a building with no windows, depressing architecture 
16dramatic photo of a techwear architecture building
17a beautiful minimalistic kitchen, luxurious, cinematic
18A breathtaking view of a city full of skyscrapers from far away, night city, stunning, highly detailed, sharp focus, masterpiece, aerial shot
19indoors, luxurious interior, marble (stone), chimney, brown sofa, red curtains, windows, volumetric lighting, soft lighting, cinematic
20medieval fantasy tavern interior, colorful tapestries on the walls,bright morning sunlight shining in from windows, Clutter-Home, (masterpiece:1.2) (best quality) (detailed) (intricate) (8k) (HDR) (wallpaper) (cinematic lighting) (sharp focus)
21a city with tall buildings and a lot of greenery on the sides of the street and cars driving down the street, masterpiece, best quality, (green city), absurdres, high quality
22Hogwarts school during winter season, snowfall, covered in snow, aerial shot, cinematic, foggy, winter
23A tall building made out of human skin, an eye in the center, terrifying, nightmare fuel, cinematic
24detailed artwork of cbbebop spaceship over a cyberpunk city at night detailed, neon lights, epic sky, undefined
25New York City after a nuclear fallout, buildings destroyed, winter, covered in snow, empty streets, abandoned city, destruction
26Taj Mahal made out of glass, transparent, stunning architecture, beautiful, 4k, highly detailed, masterpiece, 
27A futuristic and stunningly beautiful high-rise shopping center architectural structure with bold, futuristic design elements, blending seamlessly into the art form of digital illustration. Inspired by the works of Syd Mead. The scene showcases the center amidst a bustling city, its sleek lines contrasting with the urban environment. A warm color temperature adds vibrancy, highlighting the architectural details. Shoppers and visitors exhibit expressions of awe and excitement. Illuminated by soft, diffused lighting, the atmosphere exudes sophistication and promise of tomorrow (masterpiece),(high quality), best quality, real,(realistic), super detailed, (full detail),(4k),8k,no humans, scenery, building, ((500-meter tall buildings)),outdoors, window, road, sky, street, lamppost, tree, power lines,,Organic modernist architecture, glass curtain walls, interesting shapes, super high-rise buildings in the block
28glamour shot from side of a girl sitting on ledge overlooking a grand neon lit cyberpunk city at a misty night, masterpiece, best quality, dslr, 8k, 4k, ultrarealistic, realistic, raytracing, subsurface scattering, (cyberpunk city), 1girl, sitting, edge of ledge, from behind, (close-up:1.3), night, misty, cloudy, paradise, utopia, skyscraper, citadel, sci-fi, future architecture, 21:9, dynamic, great perspective, film grain, motion blur, cinematic, masterpiece, high quality, highres, absurdres, dramatic, great composition, neon light, hyperreal, photoreal, realistic, raw photo, detailed, ultra-detailed, intricate, volumetric lighting, looking at viewer, face focus,
29(8k, RAW photo, best quality, masterpiece:1.2), cyberpunk city, cyberpunk pagoda, cyberpunk light, TRANSPORTATION, ARCHITECTURE, isometric, miniature, landscape, tilt shift lens ,heavy mists
30architecture, contemporary modern house, heigh ceiling, louvers, plants, drive way, scenery, trees, lake, panoramic, masterpiece, best quality, evening
31Wayne Manor, near the water, luxurious mansion, ancient meets modern architecture, cinematic, beautiful, highly detailed, absurdres, 
32architecture focus, architecture, photo of a modern building, house, exterior, cimematic, highly detailed
33The Colosseum in a futuristic sci-fi Rome, cyberpunk architecture, neon world, fog and smog in the air, cinematic, film color grading, volumetric lighting
34beautiful architecture of an ancient Japanese temple, golden hour, sunlight, cinematic, serene, peaceful, calm atmosphere 
35((masterpiece, best quality)), 8k, modern architecture style, photo realistic, david chipperfield, hyper detailed photo, single box, a digital 3d render of a building, Red building, leansflare, Water body, Night time
36architecture, street, cars, high building, interior lighting, photorealism, (cyborg:1.1), ([tail | detailed wire]:1.3), (intricate details), hdr, (intricate details, hyperdetailed:1.2), cinematic shot, vignette, centered
37(desert punk style architecture:1.3), 4K photo, best quality, perfect lighting, cinematic composition, vanishing point, indoors, finely detailed background, amazing background
38architecture by Zaha Hadid
39beautiful central tower architecture by Frank Gehry, award winning, volumetric light and fog, neon palette, subsurface scattering, caustics, bloom, perfect exposure, perfect composition, rule of thirds, 8k
40interior design of a luxurious master bedroom, gold and marble furniture, luxury, intricate, breathtaking
41brutalism landscape architecture near the sea shore, angular modern brutalism, photo, brutalism style
42A gleaming metropolis submerged in a crystal-clear ocean, with skyscrapers transformed into coral reefs teeming with fish. Sunlight filters through the water, casting an ethereal glow on the underwater structures
43A majestic palace woven from living bamboo, nestled amidst the swirling mist of a mountaintop. The palace curves and bends with the natural contours of the mountain, blending seamlessly with the verdant landscape
44An ancient Mayan temple rising from the depths of a jungle, it’s weathered stones and intricate carvings whispering secrets of a lost civilization
45modern airport design architecture, inspired by Norman Foster, cinematic, 4k, photorealistic, volumetric lighting, award-winning photography, octane render
46high-tech architecture by Richard Rogers, cinematic, 8k, photorealistic, volumetric lighting, award-winning photography, rule of thirds, 8k uhd, dslr, high quality, film grain, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400
47A whimsical fairytale cottage nestled in a lush forest, its moss-covered roof and crooked windows exuding an air of enchantment
48interior design of a high-tech bathroom, inside a spaceship, white color, cinematic, minimalistic, high res, 3d render
49architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright meets Zaha Hadid, cinematic, architecutre
50underwater aquarium in a sci-fi world, neon glow, beautiful, cinematic
51Burj Khalifa if it was made during the Roman Empire, cinematic, Architecture
52collapse immortal galactic empire BREAK fantasy in mediterranean biome}
53cyberpunk slums of Mumbai, neon lights, garbage, cinematic, absurdres, high res, masterpiece, award-winning photography
54indoors, ampire, luxurious interior, marble (stone), chimney, red sofa, red curtains, windows, volumetric lighting, soft lighting, cinematic
55realistic, high definition, natural skin, textured skin, Greek islands, potted flowers, recliner, table with drinks, ocean in background, watercraft, sunset
56Watchtower on fire, cinematic, architecture
57a futuristic bridge over a lake, cars and trains can travel on the bridge, award-winning design, 3d render
58china tower, lake, water, reflection, forest, mountain, (masterpiece),((ultra-detailed)), (highly detailed CG illustration),(expressionless), (best quality:1.2), High quality texture, intricate details, detailed texture, High quality shadow, Cinematic Light,
59fantastic, a cinematic photo of a city with an open door that is made from stone at the top. The sky has some clouds on its sides and there are small white houses in its front by Greg Rutkowski, Sung Choi
60indoors, ancient, ancient library, ruins, bricks, books, spider web, dust, light particles, columns, dungeon, dark, stone brick, (ruins:1.2), 
61barco en un rio, perfect composition, beautiful detailed intricate insanely detailed octane render trending on artstation, 8 k artistic photography, photorealistic concept art, soft natural volumetric cinematic perfect light
62horror-themed a dense tropical rainforest, with an ancient temple visible in the distance. The scene is shrouded in a light mist, adding a sense of mystery and oppression to the atmosphere. The weather is overcast, casting a somber mood over the lush greenery and the distant temple. 
63A beautiful mosque made out of white marble, minimalist, ancient structure, perfect lighting, perfect composition, cinematic
64Oval city, cential angle, cinematic, beautiful, masterpiece
65a cinematic photo of a giant medieval castle on top above the city from an ocean floor. The house is made up by Craig Mullins and Greg Rutkowski UHD 8k
66Architecture of Dune, cinematic, color graded, perfect lighting
67medieval fantasy tavern interior, colorful tapestries on the walls Game of Thrones Hogwarts bright morning sunlight shining in from windows, (masterpiece) (best quality) (detailed) (intricate)
68Egyptian Pyramids made of out emerald, cinematic, beautiful, masterpiece
69windmill, tulip, sunset, river, reflection, (masterpiece),((ultra-detailed)), (highly detailed CG illustration),(expressionless), (best quality:1.2), High quality texture, intricate details, detailed texture, High quality shadow, Cinematic Light, Depth of field, light source contrast
70hires,high resolution, intricate, (detailed background), masterpiece, best quality, landscape, scenery, cyberpunk city, neon lights, advertisements, night, dark
71by Jeffrey Cruz (theCHAMBA), (average, futuristic-cyberpunk cityscape but extremely beautiful:1.4), (intricate details, masterpiece, best quality:1.4) , in the style of nicola samori
72solo, 1boy, male focus, indoors, formal, suit, chandelier, A futuristic spaceship hangar, its sleek surfaces and converging lines emphasizing the scale and technological prowess of the craft within:1.4., by Robert Richardson
73glowing deep peach and pastel forest green crystal brutalism, photograph, promotional still, cinematic color grading, steampunk, scifi, strip club in a cheerful,dystopian scifi city at the beginning of the universe, masterpiece, crystal buildings
74Dark art, Large hall in skyscraper, huge reflecting Window to the ceiling, Rear View, Grey DARK color palette, Point of old orange in the far, 80s DARK dystopian Blade Runner Flair, Lowlight dark Pastel Tone, very Detailed, awesome Quality, reflecting, luminescent, translucent
75a cozy steampunk bedroom at the bottom of the ocean, bunk bed and ladder, books, aquarium, large window, vibrant colors
76Excellence artwork of a ((russian panel house on nature)): {fusion of the natural and the surreal in a world of balance between wildlife and technology. Mysterious machines and enigmatic creatures lurk amidst dense foliage and serene lakes.
77photo of a spherical tower, architecture, inspired by Zaha Hadid, immaculate structure, in a middle of a city, greenery, beautiful composition, cinematic, foggy atmosphere

Stable Diffusion Architecture Prompts Examples

Here are some example images generated from the prompts listed above. I’ve mentioned the prompt number in the caption of each image. 

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How To Generate Architecture Images In Stable Diffusion

While Stable Diffusion is perfect for generating any kind of image you want, many people struggle when it comes to architecture. 

So, to help you generate better architecture images in Stable Diffusion, I’ve listed some tips below. 

Pick The Right Model

In all my prompt articles, I always talk about the importance of choosing the right model for your image. 

In Stable Diffusion, there are often models made specifically for certain use cases. And that rings true for creating beautiful architectural images as well. 

You can either go for all-rounder models in Stable Diffusion which I’ve discussed here or you can pick models specifically trained for generating architecture. 

You’ll find many checkpoints as well as LoRA models for architecture images. Here are some I recommend using: 

Model NameTypePerfect For
Juggernaut XL CheckpointAll-Rounder
SDXL CheckpointAll-Rounder
DreamShaper XL CheckpointAll-Rounder
architecture_Interior_SDlifeCheckpointInterior Design
architecture_Exterior_SDlifeCheckpointExterior Design
ArchitectureRealMixCheckpointExterior Design
Organic ArchitectureLoRAExterior Design
Sumerian ArchitectureLoRAExterior Design

You can find plenty of architecture models on Civitai based on what kind of result you want to achieve. However, the models listed in the table above will do the job in most cases. 

Use Negative Prompts

Using negative prompts will help you a lot in excluding what you don’t want to include in your image. 

By writing negative prompts properly, you can ensure any unwanted element isn’t generated in your image. 

However, if you struggle with writing prompts, you can instead use Embeddings or Textual Inversion models. 

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So, that’s our list of the best Stable Diffusion prompts for architecture and interior design. 

You can play around with these prompts and modify them to come up with something new and different. 

I hope this list of prompts helps you create some stunning architecture in Stable Diffusion. Also, tell me your favorite prompt from this list in the comments below.

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