100+ Stable Diffusion Anime Prompts (With Examples)

Stable Diffusion is very good at generating anime-style images that look similar to some of your favorite animes. 

If you’re an anime fan, you’d be delighted to know that creating anime images in Stable Diffusion is pretty simple. 

With some good prompts and configuration, you can generate stunning images in Stable Diffusion. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing the best Stable Diffusion anime prompts you should try out. 

From cute anime girls to a giant monster, I’ve covered a lot of ground with this list of anime prompts for Stable Diffusion. 

So, let’s not waste any of our time and get started. 

Best Stable Diffusion Anime Prompts

This list of Stable Diffusion anime prompts consists of prompts for boys, girls, animals, scenery, monsters, and whatnot. 

With these simple prompts, you can generate some stunning anime images. However, I’d urge you to stick to the end of the article where I’ll share how you can generate epic anime images using these prompts in Stable Diffusion. 

That being said, here’s our list of the best Anime prompts for Stable Diffusion. 

Stable Diffusion Anime Girl Prompts

S.NoStable Diffusion Anime Girl Prompts
1award-winning photo portrait of a woman, wearing neon [blue|pink|yellow] glowing armor, sci-fi balcony with large towers in background, large head, intricate details, bokeh effect, volumetric lighting, ((masterpiece))
21girl, (upper body), closeup,(best shadow, dramatic lighting), (masterpiece, photorealistic), (best quality)
3Girl wearing a swimsuit, in a pool, red eyes, green hair
4solo,black hair, sharp face,low twin-tails,red eyes, hair between eyes,dynamic angle), blood splatter, swirling black light around the character, depth of field,black light particles
5realistic, portrait of a girl,AI language model, silver hair,,question answering,smart, kind, energetic, cheerful, creative, with sparkling eyes and a contagious smile
61girl with long white hair sitting in a field of green plants and flowers, her hand under her chin, warm lighting, blue dress, blurry foreground
7beautiful 1girl with long red long hair, H. R. Giger style, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, green eyes, majestic, digital photography, (masterpiece, sidelighting, finely detailed beautiful green eyes: 1.0), hdr, blurry, blurry_background, blurry_foreground, branch, cherry_blossoms, depth_of_field
8highly detailed portrait of halo, blue eyes, tartan scarf, white hair by atey ghailan, by greg rutkowski, by greg tocchini, by james gilleard, by joe fenton, by kaethe butcher, gradient yellow, black, brown and magenta color scheme, grunge aesthetic!!! graffiti tag wall background
9(masterpiece, best quality), 1girl, collarbone, wavy hair, looking at viewer, blurry, upper body, necklace, suspenders, floral print, ponytail, freckles, red hair, sunlight
10raw photo of European full-body young woman dressed light skirt, breast tightener, 23 years old, hyper-detailed realistic face, realistic eyes, detailed skin pores, a woman stands in the middle of the wasteland, close up
11masterpiece, best quality, 1girl, (colorful),(delicate eyes and face), volumetric light, ray tracing, bust shot ,extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper,solo,smile,intricate skirt
12Beautiful female super hero, standing in city street, ultra realistic, 4k
13Beautiful woman with galaxy blue eyes staring into the lens, incredibly detailed, sharp, 4k, girly vibe
14girl, solo, animal ears, rabbit, barefoot, knees up, dress, sitting, rabbit ears, short sleeves, looking at viewer, grass, short hair, smile, white hair, puffy sleeves, outdoors, puffy short sleeves, bangs, on ground, full body, animal, white dress
15(Overhead view),dynamic angle,ultra-detailed, illustration, close-up, straight on, 1girl, (fantasy:1.4), (azure blue eyes:1.233),Her eyes shone like dreamy stars,(glowing eyes:1.233),(beautiful and detailed eyes:1.1),(Silver hair:1.14),(messy hair,very long hair,french braid,hair between eyes,sidelocks)
16masterpiece, best quality, movie still, 1girl, cloud girl, floating in the sky, close-up, bright, happy, warm soft lighting, sunset, (sparks:0.7)
17pink hair, purple eyes, black hair, dress, colored inner hair, hair between eyes, white dress, brown jacket, two-tone hair, jewelry, long sleeves, x hair ornament, bangs, bracelet, very long hair, streaked hair,
18(anime,8k,best quality, masterpiece:1.2),((ultra-detailed,detailed beautiful girl:1.4)),1 girl,full body shot, anime school uniform
19gorgeous tattooed punk goth goddess with a pretty face, a feminine body and a lovely lace outfit and sandals, ((masterpiece)), depth of field
20(dark shot:1.1), epic realistic, portrait of halo, sunglasses, blue eyes, tartan scarf, white hair by atey ghailan, by greg rutkowski, by greg tocchini, by james gilleard, by joe fenton, by kaethe butcher, gradient yellow, black, brown and magenta color scheme, grunge aesthetic
21foxie european woman, ginger hair, winter forest, natural skin texture, 24mm, 4k textures, soft cinematic light
22full body, walking pose, slow motion, emo girl rocking a guitar, heavy tattoo girl with gothic sundress, girl hair black and green highlight , (detail fabric clothing ), heavy metal and leather guitar stitched, tattoo on the chest
231gril, solo, ((light blue hair)), hair ornament, long hair, blue eyes, collarbone, portrait, red lips, parted lips, (cleavage, pleated skirt), small breasts, blue nails, necklace, earrings, fashi-girl, looking at viewer, professional light, night, rain, outdoors
241girl,(((wearing see through sleeper:1.4))),(((off shoulders:1.4))), silhouette, profile,sitting on the swing,sunset,(eye closed:1.4), sharp focus,volumetric fog,high quality,(film grain:1.4),Fujifilm XT3
25Best quality, masterpiece, ultra high res, (photorealistic:1.4), raw photo, 1girl, in the dark, deep shadow, low key, cold light
26(1girl:1.3), extremely detailed,(fractal art:1.1),(colorful:1.1)(flowers:1.3),highest detailed,(zentangle:1.2), (dynamic pose), (abstract background:1.3), (shiny skin), (many colors:1.4), ,(earrings), (feathers:1.5)
27girl,fit,(scifi,futuristic,robot,mecha,indoors,outdoors,hotify),Steampunk Background,Hands on face,Crochet Braids,viridian Lace Top,pokemon ,(masterpiece,detailed,highres:1.4)
28((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), vintage Afro-Caribbean woman, elegant attire, 1980s fashion, radiant smile, confident stance, cultural pride, (Lois Mailou Jones:1.1), (Kadir Nelson:1.1), vivid colors
298k portrait of beautiful cyborg with brown hair, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, majestic, digital photography, art by artgerm and ruan jia and greg rutkowski surreal painting gold butterfly filigree, broken glass, (masterpiece, sidelighting, finely detailed beautiful eyes: 1.2)
30fashion photography portrait of pink human avatar, in pink lush jungle with flowers and birds, 3d render, cgi, symetrical, octane render, 35mm, bokeh, 9:16, (intricate details:1.12), hdr

Looking for more prompts? Check out:

Stable Diffusion Anime Boy Prompts

S.NoStable Diffusion Anime Boy Prompts
31a bald man with sunglasses and a goatee, in the style of yellow and magenta, hd, black and cyan
32close-up, an old farmer with a wrinkled face and ruddy cheeks sits in muddy dirt, barnyard, laughing, minimalist symbolist oil painting, kuzma petrov-vodkin, odilon redon, cuno amiet, joyful chaos, interplay of light and color, impasto, American impressionism, bold rough brushstrokes, rich jewel tones
331boy, male focus, tattoo, solo, white hair,chain, shirt, black necktie, necktie, simple background, yellow eyes, upper body, vest, short hair, looking at viewer, parted lips, collared shirt, round eyewear, long sleeves, neck tattoo, hand on own shoulder, arm tattoo, black shirt, red background, brown vest, monocle, jewelry
34a blond young man in a white sweatshirt looking to right and staring, in the style of afro-caribbean influence, minimalist detail, rollei prego 90,
35masterpiece, best quality,1man, mature,Mature man, tibetan clothes,{{Square face}},Brown skin,Slightly rough skin,farmer
36high detail, ultra detailed, professional, HDR, realistic, ray tracing reflection, 1man, god, cinematic lighting, ornate, (glitter, sparkly golden:1.2), ornament, diamond
37(masterpiece, best quality), ((old man)), cowboy western, cowboy hat, mustache, (looking at viewer, explosion, blood, injury, kneeling, solo), shattered, wasteland, dark mood, cloudy sky
38(masterpiece, best quality), 1boy, explorer, jungle, sitting, boots, hat, backpack
39handsome male,big muscle,suit,feather coat,monochrome photography,dutch angle,outdoor
40masterpiece, male cyborg, alley, neon lights, robotic arms and parts, revealing, shirtless, huge pecs, hairy, seductive smile, HDR, 8K, absurdres
41Portrait photo of muscular bearded guy in a worn mech suit, ((light bokeh)), intricate, (steel metal [rust]), elegant, sharp focus, photo by greg rutkowski, soft lighting, vibrant colors, (masterpiece), ((streets)), (detailed face:1.2), (glowing blue eyes:1.1)
42(dark magic:1.2), (grim:1.2), gothic male vampire dressed in three-piece suit ,(intricate details), (hyperdetailed), 8k hdr, high detailed, lot of details, high quality, (colored)
43masterpiece, best quality:1.2,high detail,1 male,handsome, Glasses, bare upper body, black tie, short blonde hair, office, Ambient Occlusion, muscular male, detailed face, black eyes, looking at viewer, manly
44(best quality, masterpiece:1.2),1boy,niji,doll,loose clothes,nike sneakers,handsome face,smile,evil,demons
45(masterpiece, best quality), 1boy, jacket, beard, walking, beanie, sunglasses, ((from below, looking up, fisheye)), upper body, wasteland, sunset, solo focus, cloudy sky, backpack, hands in pockets
46(masterpiece, best quality), 1boy, muscular, beard, cyberpunk, (blurry, bokeh, fisheye lens), night, looking at viewer, contrast, contrapposto, neon oversized jacket,exposure blend, medium shot
47male, bara, mature, facial hair, face focus, business suit
481boy, beard, blue eyes, detailed skin, facial hair, looking at viewer, male focus, mysterious, old, old man, portrait, realistic, scar, solo, white hair, wrinkled skin
49a malevolent spirit knight, wearing an intricate bone-patterned armor, Skeletal body, (intricate_details:1.22), (bone_armor:1.3), cinematic composition, menacing, eerie atmosphere, (Dark Lights:1.4), (dense_fog:1.2),(rim_lighting:1.3), color_grading, looking at viewer, (full body:1.2)
501boy, portrait, (masterpiece:1.2, best quality), (real picture, intricate details), solo, heavy makeup, (short, hair:1.2), semishaved hair, (dark ash blonde hair), green eyes, (sleeveless turtleneck:1.2), silver cross necklace
51Vintage 80’s anime style, male samurai, by Leiji Matsumoto, sci-fi, monochromatic, line art., art by greg rutkowski and artgerm, soft cinematic light, adobe lightroom, photolab, hdr, intricate, highly detailed, (depth of field:1.4)
52portrait photo of man,smile,(Ancient Chinese Emperor Robes),Ancient Chinese Palace architecture background,emperor’s dress,shoes,crest,red phoenix eyes
53Handsome anime boy, long hair, scifi background, ((intricate details))
54masterpiece), (extremely intricate), fantasy, (((photorealistic photo of an evil hermit, male, villain, anti hero, evil face, masculine face, medium hair, Maroon hair, wicked, cruel, sinister, malicious, ruthless, masculine, athletic))), (((dark bloody clothing, intricate details on clothing))), (perfect composition:1.4)
551boy, wearing headphones, sitting near a bus window, sunlight, rays, ((gloomy)), wearing dark clothes, highly detailed
56a 30 yo man,(hi-top fade:1.3),long hair,dark theme, soothing tones, muted colors, high contrast, (natural skin texture, hyperrealism, soft light, sharp),cowboy shot
57absurdres, (((masterpiece))), portrait, beautiful man, 1boy, dark black hair, dynamic composition
58(best quality), (masterpiece), young man with dark ash colored cyborg body, action pose, cyberpunk cyborg style, cyberpunk city street, human face, serious face, cinematic pov, detailed mechanical legs, detailed mechanical metal body, red glowing eyes, dark scene, showing full body, armor, astral shadow, bingnvwang, red glowing pattern, chalk dust style
59Best quality, masterpiece, ultra high res, (photorealistic:1.4), raw photo, young handsome male, facial hair, silver hair
60masterpiece, best quality, absurdres, 8k,extremely detailed,intrcate detailes,1boy, night,school uniform, outdoors, rim lighting, dimly
61(absurdres, highres, ultra detailed, realistic, ), 1 male, solo, adult, mature, tall muscular guy, broad shoulders, handsome, very short hair, black hair, brown eyes, angular jaw, thick neck, thick eyebrows, night, dark, the night view of the city background, formal suit, necktie, upper body

Stable Diffusion Anime Animal Prompts

S.NoStable Diffusion Anime Animal Prompts
62smile deer baby floating on the water, There are lotus around,under the sun, in the scorching summer, riching summer day,super realistic, close-up, photography,outdoors
63tiny cute (happy1.4) cat in a (yellow raincoat1.3) in the woods, rain, a character portrait, Tilt-shift, bokeh
64a viper snake, closeup, at night, dark theme, darken, cinematic
65a cute kitten made out of metal, cyborg, cyberpunk style, ((intricate details)), hdr, ((intricate details, hyperdetailed)), cinematic shot, vignette
66A beautiful female Taoist priest stands atop a mist-shrouded mountain peak, her right hand raised diagonally, wielding a long sword,from back,in front of a Chinese loong,(loong:1.4),clouds,storm,mountains,sunset, sharp focus, volumetric fog
67portrait of a vampire cat dressed as a count, ((full body)) directional look, cinematic composition, (intricately detailed, fine details, hyperdetailed), ultra-detailed, (backlight:1. 2) intricate
68lion, foggy background, epic realistic, rutkowski, hdr, intricate details, hyperdetailed, cinematic, rim light, muted colors
69close up photo of a rabbit, forest, haze, halation, bloom, dramatic atmosphere, centred, rule of thirds, 200mm 1.4f macro shot
70A giant whale swimming in the depths of the ocean, surrounded by small fish, at night, glowing jellyfish, ((masterpiece)) 
71(masterpiece, best quality), black cat, cute, warm lighting
72robotic t-rex dinosaur, wearing robotic armor, (glowing eyes with smoke),((masterpiece)), (scifi background), night, detailed, realistic, 8k uhd, high quality, ((masterpiece))
73A bunny hopping through a field, in the style of Studio Ghibli 
74A cat is sitting in a kimono, in the style of renaissance – inspired chiaroscuro, hyper – realistic portraiture, nicolas mignard, old master influenced fantasy, portraitures with hidden meanings, dom qwek, art of burma
75portrait of a cat, wearing a cowboy hat, ((masterpiece))
76A peacock in a colorful orchid, beautiful scenery, ((masterpiece))
77(dark magic), (grim), the raven, (intricate details), (hyperdetailed), 8k hdr, high detailed, lot of details, high quality, soft cinematic light, dramatic atmosphere, atmospheric perspective
78RAW Photo, DSLR BREAK close-up, a wolf in Yosemite National Park, chilly nature documentary film photography BREAK detailed, sunrays, sunlight, cinematic lighting, professional colorgraded
79Dolphin, crescent moon, moon, cloud, sky, star (sky), no humans, night, scenery, star (symbol), starry sky, night sky
80Golden ratio, Dachshund, at Sunset, One Color
81a cat, solo, epic scene, dynamic camera, backlight, (close up:1.2), high quality photography, 3 point lighting, flash with softbox, 4k, Canon EOS R3, hdr, smooth, sharp focus, high resolution, award winning photo, 80mm, f2.8, bokeh
82Cinematic close-up of a gargantuan basilisk, its slit-eye glaring with predatory intensity, scales glistening with venom, 8k resolution, hyper-detailed, the ambient light revealing the intricate patterns and textures of its ancient hide
83A fantasy creature, Jellyfish + Dragon, underwater dragon, hybrid, 8k, beautiful lighting, up close, digital art, intricate details, negative space, iridescent

Stable Diffusion Anime Landscape Prompts

S.NoStable Diffusion Anime Landscape Prompts
84Vast lake, a shore of willows, mist like gauze, a boat, clear detail, high quality, beautiful lighting, National Geographic photography, landscape photography, Ultra High definition,
85A bright moon in the sky, a wooden bridge in the middle of the lake, the reflection of the moon and the wooden bridge on the water surface, surrounded by clouds
86In the caves of Cuevas del Drach, Mallorca, realistic style, hyperrealistic, detailed, intricate details, HDR, 16K,
87professional lighting, photon mapping, radiosity, physically-based rendering, ((island sanctuary)), ((ancient fallen kingdom)), ((reflections in water)), ((raytracing)), ((drowned city))
88bridge, building, bush, city, cloud, day, door, fence, field,orest, garden, grass, house, hydrangea, mountain, nature, no_humans, outdoors, path, plant, potted_plant, purple_flower, road, scenery, sky, skyscraper, traditional_media, tree
89painting by sargent and rhads and leyendecker and greg hildebrandt evening sky, low thunder clouds foothpath with trees at indian summer with zugspitze fitz roy in background, colours green, red, blue black and white, acuarela
90A forbidden castle high up in the mountains, anime art, (intricate details:1.12), hdr, (intricate details, hyperdetailed:1.15)
91scenery, outdoors, sky, cloud, day, no humans, mountain, landscape, water, tree, blue sky, waterfall, cliff, nature, lake, river, cloudy sky,award winning photography, Bokeh, Depth of Field, HDR, bloom, Chromatic Aberration ,Photorealistic
92a painting of dubrovnik in the style of josip skerlj
93waterfall in a forest, copper and gold, autumn, fantasy, highly detailed, matte painting
94lonely ally in Seoul, cyberpunk city from sci-fi movie, empty street, Korean, Korean signs, intricate, hyper-detailed, realistic, ultra-realistic, high quality, ultra detail, crazy detail, photo realism, 8k
95Botanical gardensvines, modernism, serenity and no one, hyper-realistic design, open view, digital, illustration, architecture,tranquility, beauty, comfort, rainny, night sky,cyberpunk, neon lights,neon signboard
96no humans, landscape, oil on matte canvas, sharp details, the expanse scifi spacescape ceres colony, intricate, highly detailed, digital painting, rich color
97A murky swamp with twisted trees rising from the water, Hue, window light, spotlight masterpiece, realistic, award winning, volumetric light and fog, subsurface scattering
98(extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper), full shot photo of the most beautiful artwork of a medieval castle, snow falling, nostalgia, grass hills
99A stormy sky over a cityscape with tall buildings, Tilting, Negative Space, separation light, high key masterpiece, realistic, award winning, volumetric light and fog
100woman standing on a beach, vintage camera, beautiful sunset, sunburst, soft, dreamy, art photography feel to it
101beautiful and aesthetic, glowing skin, sci-fi, neon lights, glowing signs, from front, wide shot, cinematic lighting, dramatic lighting, (cyberpunk 2077), (blade runner influence), a scene a of urban city street, (cyberpunk), (the Kowloon Walled City), (police aircraft flying over city), a great building tower background, (rainstorm, mist), dramatic, (intricate, detailed, realistic), (science fiction), (90’s fantasy art), retro, atmospheric, fantasy
102magic landscape,elden ring, dark arts, the witcher,realistic photo,breath taking, sharp lense, professional photographie, 70mm lense
103Professional photo of a steampunk tallship on the high sea, under sails, Huge waves, raging waves and stormy skies, Milky Way, Highly detailed, complex background, perfect lighting, lens flares, shadows, intricate details, golden hour, film grains, masterpiece, highest quality,
104sharp details, the expanse scifi spacescape ceres colony, intricate, highly detailed, digital painting, rich color, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, Unreal Engine 5, 8K, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha
105cyberpunk city, dawn, early morning, shore, ocean, paradise, utopia, transparent blue water, skyscrapers, very tall building, citadel, sci-fi, future architecture, wide composition, 21:9, dynamic, great perspective, film grain, motion blur, cinematic, masterpiece, high quality
106giant robot manufacture, (cutaway view:1.2) of mechanical torso, microchip, wire, computer, mechanical legs, (glowing core:1.1), (intricate details:1.4) BREAK, ultra wide shot, indoor, factory, construction platforms, truck,
107a cold peaches, fresh, a glass of cold drink, refreshing, terrace, white background, bar, advertising,modern, pint, minimalist, luxury, expensive, realism, hyper realism, decoration enhance ,4k
108Hyper-realistic art, gallery-grade work, ultra precision, visually striking, sublime masterpiece, peak clarity, twilight dimness, subdued lighting, 1girl,solo, low key,deep shadow,
109Pearly gates of heaven, angels, 9th sky, clouds, ((masterpiece)), intricate details, volumetric lighting, realistic shadows
110(masterpiece), ancient dark dungeon, (vast decrepit scenery), megastructure, (art by [Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme|Caspar David Friedrich]:1.2), (unreal engine render, photorealistic painting, photorealism:1.2), (mysterious)
111masterpiece, (best quality), (ultra-detailed), (ultra-realistic:1.2), landscape, sci-fi, transistorpunk, cyberpunk, biopunk, ((future forest)), neon
112ground view, countryside, village, far away, abandonned, early morning, tender gentle sunrise, soft colors, pastel, beauty, flowers, 8k, high resolution, masterpiece, best quality, high quality, very detailed, insanely detailed, professional light, canon photography
113lush remote foliage jungle with jungle wildlife and fauna, Rollei Powerflex 460, White Balance, 1ms shutter speed, Ambient occlusion,
114extraterrestrial-environment, immense-crystals, oppressive-ambience, alien-storms, vertical-9:16-layout, captivating-vistas, vivid-textures, dramatic-shadows, popular-on-artstation, prize-winning-image, Sony-Alpha-7R-IV, 8k-quality, tranquil
115(secret garden), lush, floral, rose, (botanical), romanticism, moody, space, stars, nebula, beautiful clouds, moon, trellis, lattice, garden, gazebo, (realistic:1.5), (good shading), good architecture, volumetric lighting, cinematic, good architecture

How To Create Stunning Anime Images In Stable Diffusion

The anime prompts shared above can help you create stunning images in Stable Diffusion. But that’s only possible if you are using a proper model and configuration in Stable Diffusion. 

There’s a common misconception that using the word ‘anime’ in the prompt will result in good anime images. 

Well, that can be true sometimes but just one word alone isn’t going to help you generate beautiful anime images. In fact, you don’t even have to include the word ‘anime’ in your prompts at all. 

Here are some tips that will help you create mind-blowing anime images in Stable Diffusion. 

Use An Anime Model

Whenever you create an image using Stable Diffusion, you first choose a checkpoint model that will be used to generate the image. 

A checkpoint model is generally trained on a large dataset of images of a specific style and helps you generate images of a particular style. For example, a checkpoint model trained on portrait images will help you create beautiful portraits. 

Just like this, there are several anime models for Stable Diffusion that are specially trained in generating anime-style images. 

I’ve already published an in-depth review of these models here but here are some anime models you should use for generating anime images. 

By using these checkpoint models, you will have to enter a simple prompt and it’ll generate an anime image out of it. 

Just try some of the prompts listed above with these checkpoint models and you’d love the images it generates. 

Add A Negative Prompt

A negative prompt tells Stable Diffusion what elements you don’t want in the image. Many users usually ignore the negative prompt or don’t write enough descriptive prompts. 

But a negative prompt can help you create beautiful images with simple positive prompts.

Writing negative prompts can be overwhelming because you don’t often know what to exclude from your image. 

So, here are some useful negative prompts you can use alongside the anime prompts listed above. 

BadDream, badhandsv5-neg, easynegative, FastNegativeV2, UnrealisticDream, nsfw, nude, worst quality, low quality, medium quality, deleted, lowres, (watermarks), blurry, blurred, amateur, ugly, low quality, low resolution, warped, crooked, deformed, low detail

Note: Some negative prompts use negative embeddings or textual inversion models. Make sure you have those embeddings downloaded and installed in Stable Diffusion otherwise, those negative embeddings won’t have any effect in your negative prompt.

Define Your Image Properly

While you can always use the prompts I’ve shared on this list to create anime images. But if you like to write your own prompts, you have to define your image more descriptively. 

Prompt engineering in Stable Diffusion is a hot topic because, with the right prompt, you can bring your imagination to life. 

Whenever you’re writing a prompt, try to be as descriptive as possible. Clearly define the subject, the background, other necessary details, etc. You can also use weights to give preference to certain words in your prompt. 

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Stable Diffusion Anime Prompt Examples Gallery

Here are some of the images generated using the Stable Diffusion anime prompts shared on this list: 


Can I use any model to create anime images in Stable Diffusion?

Generally, it’s a good practice to use anime checkpoint models to create anime images in Stable Diffusion. That’s because these models are specifically trained to generate images in an anime style. 

What words to include in my prompt to generate anime images? 

You don’t specifically have to use certain words in your prompt to generate anime images. Using the right checkpoint model is usually enough to generate anime images. 

Is Lora required to create anime images in Stable Diffusion? 

Lora models aren’t required to create anime images in Stable Diffusion. However, you can use Lora models to get a certain style in the images you create. 


Creating anime images in Stable Diffusion is very simple and straightforward. With the right model and prompts, you can create all kinds of images in anime style. 

I hope the anime prompts shared on our list will help you be more creative and create beautiful images in Stable Diffusion. 

Also, take inspiration from the anime prompt examples shared to understand how different models vary from each other. 

If you have any questions regarding anime images in Stable Diffusion, feel free to drop your questions in the comments below.

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