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How To Run Stable Diffusion On Android

If you’re a fan of using Stable Diffusion, you might be wondering if you could generate AI images on the fly from your smartphone. 

Since there are so many apps for generating AI images and art, there must be a way to run Stable Diffusion on Android, right? 

Well, I’ll be answering all these questions in this article along with how to run Stable Diffusion on Android.

Let’s get started. 

How To Run Stable Diffusion On Android? 

We know Stable Diffusion has pretty heavy system requirements in order to generate images fast on your computer. 

So, can you run Stable Diffusion apps like Automatic1111 or ComfyUI on your Android phone? 

Generally speaking, you cannot run Stable Diffusion locally on your Android device natively as the majority of smartphones are not capable enough to handle the GPU requirements. However, you can use third-party online apps to run Stable Diffusion on your phone. 

Stable Diffusion requires a GPU with atleast 4GB vRAM to run. And that’s on the lower end of requirements. Ideally, you’ll need 8GB vRAM to properly utilize all Stable Diffusion features at a decent performance. 

Our smartphones currently aren’t equipped to handle those requirements which is why Stable Diffusion models can’t be run locally on your device. 

However, as the world of AI is rapidly advancing, we’ll hopefully see some huge developments on this front. 

In fact, Qualcomm already got a head-start in this race by deploying Stable Diffusion on an Android smartphone for the very first time. 

For now, if you want to use Stable Diffusion on your Android device, you’ll have to rely on cloud-based apps that can be installed from the Play Store. 

Best Stable Diffusion Android Apps

There are tons of Android apps on the Google Play Store that let you generate AI images. But most of them can’t be trusted easily due to their lack of transparency towards user data and privacy. 

So, I’ve compiled a short list of the best Stable Diffusion Android apps you can use. These apps will give you a very close experience of what it’s like using Stable Diffusion on your computer. 

1. Stable Diffusion AI

This Stable Diffusion Android app is one of the best ones out there since it gives you a lot of configuration options to run Stable Diffusion on your phone. 

You can choose from multiple providers to run Stable Diffusion such as Automatic1111, Stability AI, HuggingFace, and even run it locally from your phone. However, you’ll have to provide your own API or server details to use them. 

You can use both txt2img and img2img features of Stable Diffusion on this app. 

Moreover, you get pretty much the same configuration settings you have on Automatic1111 such as positive prompt, negative prompt, image size, sampler, seed, sampling steps, CFG scale, batch size, and more. 

You can even apply LoRA models and embeddings which is honestly very impressive. 

If you’re using the Local Diffusion configuration option in the app, you can choose to download some of the popular Stable Diffusion models

I tried to use the Local Diffusion configuration to see if my smartphone (Nothing Phone 2) could handle this immense pressure. 

Needless to say, the image generation process took a long time and my phone got noticeably hot during that time. The output image was good but it wasn’t worth the ~2-3 minutes it took to generate it. 

I also noticed that if you’re using the local configuration, you need to stay on the app while the image is being generated. Switching to another app on your phone will abruptly end the image generation. 

Regardless, I really liked this app and if you want to use Stable Diffusion on your phone, I would recommend using the cloud server configurations available on this app. 

2. Make AI Art

Make AI Art is an AI art generator app that uses Stable Diffusion models and Dall-E to generate images. The app is completely free and will never ask for your personal information as stated when you open the app for the first time. 

Moreover, the author of the app also mentioned on the welcome note that the app will never ask for you to sign up for a free trial. However, you’ll see ads on the app which is reasonable considering they are providing a free service that is used to generate 50,000 images every day. 

They have an extensive walkthrough guide which I really liked as it helps many beginners understand how the app works and get started. 

Once you’re in, you can choose from various models such as Stable Diffusion, SDXL, Runway Diffusion, and Dall-E Mini. 

The interface is very similar to the majority of online Stable Diffusion websites which includes a positive prompt, negative prompt, and Stable Diffuson version. You don’t get additional options such as CFG scale, sampler, image size, etc. 

The image generation speed is very impressive and the image quality is very good too. 

Overall, I find this app to be very good when it comes to using Stable Diffusion on an Android phone. The app is free, ads aren’t very intrusive, and the image is generated at a fast speed. 

3. Open Diffusion: Stable AI Art

The last one on this list is Open Diffusion which can be used to run Stable Diffusion on your Android phone. 

This one requires you to create an account to use it but you can also choose the option to continue as a guest to look around first. 

Inside the app, you get various options for image generation such as txt2img, img2img, Controlnet, upscaler, and SDXL. 

You can choose the model you wish to use for image generation along with other options such as image size, LoRA models, CFG scale, sampling steps, sampling method, etc. 

The app also has a gallery page where you can find inspiration and prompts for images. 

The majority of the features in the app require a paid subscription which unlocks all features and gives you unlimited image generations with no ads. 

I really loved using this app since it’s well-made and has a lot of options. But since most of the features are paid, I personally wouldn’t use it for work purposes.  

But if you need an Android app for AI image generation for your work, then Open Diffusion is a very good option. 

Is Using Stable Diffusion On Android Safe?

The biggest concern with using Stable Diffusion Android apps is safety and privacy

As discussed above, you can’t run Stable Diffusion locally on your device and will have to rely on third-party apps. This presents many concerns regarding user privacy and whether these apps can be trusted. 

So, is using Stable Diffusion on Android safe? 

It’s generally safe to use Stable Diffusion on Android as long as you’re using well-made apps that have good reviews and clear user privacy and safety documentation. Avoid apps that appear to be shady and very intrusive with app permissions. 

The apps listed on this list were tested by me personally and I found all of them to be safe to use. Yes, some of them have ads but that’s the reality of using most free Android apps. 


The dream of running Stable Diffusion on Android locally is not far away and with advancements being made both in AI and mobile processor chips, we’ll see a day when you can generate high-quality images on your phone.

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