How To View Prompt History In Stable Diffusion (3 Methods)

Are wondering how to view prompt history in Stable Diffusion? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s very common to go back and view prompts and configuration settings of the images you generated in Stable Diffusion. 

It could be because you generated a beautiful image and now want to go back and use that prompt again. Or you just want to view the image configuration of images you generated previously. 

Whatever the case may be, in this article, I’ll show you how to view prompt history in Stable Diffusion. 

When it comes to Stable Diffusion prompt history, there are several ways of viewing it. I’ve covered the best and easiest way to check your prompt history. 

That being said, let’s get started. 

How To View Prompt History In Stable Diffusion

You can view prompt history in Stable Diffusion in many different ways. Here are the different methods you can follow: 

Use PNG Info To View Image Configuration 

In Automatic1111 Web UI for Stable Diffusion, you’ll find a tab named PNG Info. This tab lets you upload an image and view its metadata. 

Automatic1111 - PNG Info

For every image generated in Stable Diffusion, it’s most likely to have metadata stored which often contains the prompt and generation parameters used in Stable Diffusion. 

If you upload an image here, you’ll be able to view the prompts used along with the configuration parameters used in Stable Diffusion. 

Automatic1111 - PNG Info With Image

This is the easiest and quickest way to view prompt history in Stable Diffusion. The best part about this technique is that you can view prompts of Stable Diffusion images not generated by you. 

Let’s say you find an image generated in Stable Diffusion on the Internet and now you want to know more about the prompt used. 

You can simply upload the image in the PNG Info tab and view the prompts and configurations. 

View Last Used Prompt In Stable Diffusion

Using the PNG Info tab is very helpful when you want to view prompt history in Automatic1111. 

But what if you want to view the prompt of an image you just generated? 

Well, you can do that in Automatic1111 by clicking this blue arrow just below the Generate button. 

Automatic1111 - View Last Used Prompt

This button loads the last used prompt and generation parameters into Automatic1111. This way, you can quickly load your previous prompt if you forgot it or want to use it again. 

While this doesn’t go back to more than one prompt, it’s still a handy feature in Automatic1111. 

Use Prompt History Extension for Stable Diffusion 

Automatic1111 for Stable Diffusion doesn’t have a dedicated menu or tab for viewing prompt history. That’s why you’re left with using the PNG Info and last-used prompt feature. 

However, there are some extensions developed by Stable Diffusion community users that add a prompt history functionality in Automatic1111. 

One such extension is the SD WebUI Prompt History developed by Namkazt. This extension adds a new page to Automatic1111 where you can view the prompt history in Stable Diffusion. 

Stable Diffusion Prompt History Extension

To install this extension, go to Extensions > Install from URL tab in Stable Diffusion. 

Automatic1111 - Install Prompt History Extension

Here, enter the URL and click on the Install button. Once the extension is installed, restart your Stable Diffusion WebUI. 

Now, you’ll see a new Prompt History tab in Stable Diffusion. On this page, you’ll be able to view all the prompts.

Automatic1111 - View Prompt History In Stable Diffusion

From this page, you can also use your previous prompts and run them again. 

If you want to better organize your prompts and reuse them again, this is the best extension out there. 


While there is no direct way of viewing prompt history in Stable Diffusion, the methods shared in this article will not only help you view prompts of images but also maintain a list of all your previous image generations. 

This way, you can view prompt history in Stable Diffusion easily if you’re using the Automatic1111. 

But if you want a prompt history option built-in Stable Diffusion, you can try ComfyUI which is an alternative to Automatic1111 with many advantages. 

Either way, if you have any questions regarding prompt history in Stable Diffusion, feel free to drop your questions in the comments below.

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