Billie Eilish AI Art: Mind-Blowing Artwork With Prompts

With how AI technology has developed over the past couple of years, it has enabled users to combine their creativity with AI. 

Today, there are so many generative AI tools that can generate text, images, audio, or even videos for you by just entering simple prompts. 

AI art or AI-generated images have exploded into space with people creating beautiful as well as concerning images using AI. 

A big target for creators while creating AI art is celebrities. I mean who doesn’t want to see their favorite celebrity in cool artwork? 

Today, I’ll be talking about one such phenomenon that has been taking rounds all around social media. 

Yes, we’re talking about Billie Eilish AI art and how the fanmade art of this famous celebrity went viral on social media. 

Billie Eilish AI Art

Billie Eilish is known for her unique and distinctive musical style as well as her music videos that are creatively filled with captivating and eye-catching visuals. 

But her music isn’t the only thing that has a creative style. Billie herself has a very stylistic aura with the way she dresses and her colorful hairstyles. 

From famous neon green hair to dark blue hair, Billie always makes a fashion statement with her style. 

This has prompted many people to involve her in their art creations as her looks and style are perfect for AI artists who want to create uniquely breathtaking images. 

Many AI artists have combined her unique aesthetics in various styles such as realistic portraits, anime art, cyberpunk art, and more. 

Such artwork is going viral on social media in droves, especially on platforms like TikTok

Create Your Own Billie Eilish AI Art In Stable Diffusion 

The best part about all this is that you can create your own Billie Eilish AI art using various generative AI tools. 

Many AI art tools such as MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, and Leonardo are popular among users who like to create realistic interpretations of famous people. 

My favorite and recommended tool for creating AI art is Stable Diffusion as it gives you complete freedom and control over the images you create. 

If you’re a beginner and have no idea how it all works, check out this guide to use Stable Diffusion on ComfyUI, and feel free to browse our blog that covers Stable Diffusion in-depth. 

But if you already know how to use Stable Diffusion, check out the prompts below and create your own Billie Eilish AI art. 

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Recommended Model

The first thing you need to create beautiful Billie Eilish AI art is highly-trained checkpoint models. You can either use SD 1.5 models or SDXL models

Here are some popular models that will fit well for creating AI art of Billie Eilish: 

Choose any one of the above checkpoint models that you find the best. I’d suggest you try them all as each one can help you generate distinctive styles. 

Once you have the checkpoint models, you need the face models of Billie Eilish. You can find LORA models of Billie Eilish that are well-trained. 

Or you can follow this guide to get consistent faces without any LoRA models.

Here are some models I recommend that are perfect for generating AI images of Billie Eilish: 

If you’re using an SDXL checkpoint, be sure to use the SDXL LORA model of Billie Eilish. For SD 1.5 checkpoints, use the SD 1.5 LORA model. 

Now, all that’s left is entering some good Billie Eilish AI art prompts and generating your images. 

I’ve listed some prompts below with examples. 

For all the images generated below, I’ve used the following negative prompt. 

Negative Prompt: 

bad art, ugly face, messed up face, poorly drawn hands, bad hands, professional photo shoot, makeup, photoshop, doll, plastic_doll, silicone, anime, cartoon, fake, filter, airbrush

Billie Eilish AI Art Prompts

Here are some Billie Eilish AI art prompts that will generate unique and breathtaking artwork and images: 

S.No. Billie Eilish AI Art Prompts For Stable Diffusion 
1RAW photo of a ((ohwx woman)), sitting in an outdoor car,  winter, snowy, ((wearing cap)), (detailed face), grunge, ((visual kai)), ((full body)), (high detailed skin:1.2), 8k UHD, DSLR, soft lighting, high quality, film grain, Fujifilm XT3
2(masterpiece, best quality, high detail), (8k, photorealistic), (DSLR, full frame, 18mm focal length, f/5.6 aperture), a cyborg ((ohwx woman)) with a human face, in a futuristic cyberpunk city with cyberpunk structures:.6 in the background, cloudy sky, detailed face, detailed eyes:1.4, detailed skin, outdoors
3photo of ((ohwx woman)), cyberpunk art, gothic art, extremely high-quality RAW photograph, detailed background, intricate, Exquisite details and textures, highly detailed, ultra-detailed photograph, warm lighting, 4k, sharp focus, high resolution, detailed skin, detailed eyes, 8k uhd, DSLR, high quality, film grain
4(high angle, headshot:1.2) photo of ((ohwx woman)), she is wearing a surcoat, she is wearing a button badge, her hair is styled as tree braids, BREAK she is (playing in the snow:1.1), soft diffused lighting, shot on Fujifilm X-T4, 50mm, vignette, Kodak Vision3
5photo of grotesque ugly atrocious ((ohwx woman)) half-body shot showcasing a unique form of fractal artistry by rebuilding the image using 3d fractals and 3D geometry to reconstruct the image using 3d fractals extending out to the edge of the photo, PhotoRealistic, Abomination, Double Exposure Style, Volumetric Lighting, Artistic Calligraphy and Ink, light depth, dramatic atmospheric lighting, double image ghost effect, Psychological digital art, detailed depth map with high contrast, Omniverse RTX Rendered, hyperrealistic, (RAW image, 8k:1.2), 16mm, color graded film, ultra-realistic, cinematic film, high color depth, millions of colors, 8k, (Fractal art by Matthias Hauser and JULIUS HORSTHUIS)
6chiaroscuro portrait, high contrast, dramatic, Rembrandt lighting, half-body of realistic photo of ((ohwx woman)), focus on smiling face, side view wearing a mage robe , her light orchid hair is styled as balayage lob hair
7art of ((ohwx woman)) (in the style of Kawacy:1.1), octane render masterpiece, masterpiece scale, beautiful depth of field, ultra-wide field,ultra-detailed CG perspective,ultra-dynamic lighting amazing shadows, dramatic lighting,(by Agnes Cecile:0.9),(intricate details:1.1),(intricate details, hyperdetailed:1.3)
8((ohwx woman)) on an acid trip, medieval iconography oil painting, brilliant colors
9sexy flower girl sticker, solid background, solid outline, holographic, flower, ((ohwx woman))
10goldentech, android beautify ((ohwx woman)), slender, photo, huge cross, gray, rage, cry, sparks, straw, church, sexy, black leather, emerald, spark, rupture, golden pyramid, dress, (wind:1.3), Complex background, spiral, golden mosaic, Scattering red petals, sci-fi, black tear form eyes, mask, aurora
11photo of ((ohwx woman)) focus on eyes, close up on face, wearing jewelry, prussian blue color hair styled as parallel braid, silhouetted against the bright sky
12[object Object], [object Object], (Detailed face features:1.3), (RAW photo, 16k, masterpiece, best quality: 1.2), (ultra-realism, hyper-detailed and intricate realism: 1.3), (wide depth of field, radiant mapping, ray tracing, god rays: 1.2), High dynamic range, vivid, rich details, clear shadows and highlights, realistic, intense, enhanced contrast, ((ohwx woman))
13photo of a sci-fi room with ((ohwx woman)) as an android standing inside, robotic, full length, full body, sci-fi, clean, white, 21 years old, (freckles:0.4), natural blue eyes, billie eilish, sci-fi room, intricate, detailed background, workbench, hyperrealism, masterpiece, technology, digital, advanced, dreamlike, surreal, detailed
14professional photograph of ((ohwx woman)), feminine, epic, (photo, studio lighting, hard light, sony a7, 50 mm, hyper realistic, big depth of field, mate skin, pores, wrinkles, concept art, colors, hyperdetailed, hyperrealistic), ((detailed face)), (High Detail), Sharp, 8k
15unbelievably beautiful,perfect,dynamic,epic,cinematic 8k HD movie shot of semi – a closeup ((ohwx woman)) girl with short greenish hair, expressing joy and posing in a cyberpunk futuristic scifi location similar to blade runner and rainy atmosphere. by a Chinese movie director. motion,VFX, inspirational house, high budget,hollywood style, at Behance, at netflix, with instagram filters, Photoshop, Adobe lightroom, Adobe After Effects, taken with Polaroid Kodak portrait, future city, science
16mj, cinematic close-up photo of an ethereal neural network organism, divine ((ohwx woman)), anatomical face, biomechanical details
17Colorful ink cascaded the canvas, forming a human face. photo, studio lighting, Sony A7, 35mm, hyper-realistic, big depth of field, concept art, colors, hyperdetailed, hyperrealistic, (big depth of field), (moody lighting), (ambient light), ((cinematic)), ((ohwx woman))
18Instagram photo, closeup face photo of ((ohwx woman)), dressed in a baggy shirt, pastel pink hair, fair pale skin, happy, cuddling with her kitten, soft fur, beautiful hazelnut eyes, hard shadows, dark, nighttime
19a professional closeup, photo of a glass ((ohwx woman)) with, a white background, transparent body, visible veins, highly detailed, head, upper body, breathtaking,
20((ohwx woman)) sad, cry, raining by Keith Negley Gerd Arntz

Here are the AI art of Billie Eilish generated from the prompts listed above:

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AI Art & Moral Responsbilities

While generating AI art or images of your favorite celebrities is fun and all, we need to be careful in our approach when using famous people for generating AI art. 

There’s a moral responsibility for every AI creator out there to not misuse AI to create false or inappropriate artwork that represents such individuals in a bad manner. 

So, avoid creating any demeaning, sexual, or NSFW art of Billie Eilish or any famous celebrity for that matter. 

AI art is a fun way for people and fans to show their love and appreciation towards the celebrities they follow. And the artwork you generate should just reflect that. 

Because the burden lies upon you as an AI creator to not misuse a powerful technology for any wrong purpose. 

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So, that’s all about Billie Eilish’s AI art and how you can also create badass images of your favorite singer. 

With the prompts I’ve shared above, you’ll be able to create some beautiful artwork of Billie Eilish in Stable Diffusion. 

And in case you love other celebrities and want to create their artwork with their faces, check out our list of the Stable Diffusion celebrity models where you’ll find tons of face models of singers, actors, K-pop artists, and more. 

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Billie Eilish AI art: 

Can anyone create Billie Eilish AI Art? 

Anyone with access to tools like Stable Diffusion and MidJourney can create AI art of Billie Eilish. 

Can I create more celebrities’ AI art? 

By using face models of celebrities, you can create AI art of many other celebrities in Stable Diffusion. 

What tool should I use to create AI art?

Stable Diffusion is the best tool for creating AI art as it comes with tons of features and total freedom over the type of images you create.

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