10 Best Stable Diffusion Websites [Compared]

Do you want to run Stable Diffusion online without having to install it locally on your computer? 

While running Stable Diffusion is the best way to use it, it’s not feasible for many users due to the system requirements for running Stable Diffusion

The best solution for this is to use it through online tools and websites. Many Stable Diffusion websites can be used to generate AI images online. 

In this list, I’ll share the best Stable Diffusion websites you can use to generate images and art without having to install Stable Diffusion locally. 

Let’s get started. 

Best Stable Diffusion Websites

Here are the best Stable Diffusion online websites you can try out. I’ve categorized them into a table to help you get an overview of each website quickly. 

NameModelsNSFW SupportPricing
DreamStudio 2-3Not SupportedFree
NightCafeOfficial & Community ModelsPartially SupportedStarts at $6/month
Mage Space160+ ModelsSupported In Pro PlansFreemium 
Civitai7000+ ModelsSupportedFree
HotpotLimitedPartially SupportedFreemium 
Playground AI 50+Not SupportedFreemium 
ClipDrop2Not SupportedStarts at $9/month
Sinkin60+ Not SupportedPay-as-you-go
Stable Diffusion Online1SupportedFreemium 
Prodia50+ SupportedFreemium 

1. DreamStudio 

Stable Diffusion Websites - DreamStudio

DreamStudio is Stability AI’s official website for running Stable Diffusion online. With this website, you get access to most Stable Diffusion features. 

However, you can only use the official Stable Diffusion models released by Stability AI and not only other models created by the community. 

DreamStudio comes with all the image generation settings such as image size, sampling steps, seed, etc. You can also choose the style in which you want to generate your image. 

The reason why I put DreamStudio first is because it’s more than just a tool to run Stable Diffusion online. 

With DreamStudio, you can edit your generated images through masking and inpainting. You can also upscale the images you’ve generated. 

One of the best features is the ability to create multiple images and have them on top of each other through layers. This way, you can get very creative in your art generation. 

DreamStudio also saves your image generation history so you can always go back and look at your previously generated images. 

Overall, DreamStudio is a very good free Stable Diffusion website and has a lot of features to help you generate beautiful images. If you’re someone who wants to try Stable Diffusion, then this is where you should start. 

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2. NightCafe

Stable Diffusion Websites - Nightcafe

NightCafe is an AI art generator community where you can create AI images using Stable Diffusion and share them on their platform. Think of it as a social media for AI artists where you create and share your work. 

They have some of the most popular Stable Diffusion models such as SDXL, Realistic Vision, Juggernaut XL, and more. Besides this, they also have a ton of models trained by their community members. 

In terms of image generation settings, you can choose the image size, prompt weight, seed, etc. You can also choose from a vast selection of image styles. 

I also love that they have pre-built modifiers that you can browse and insert into your prompts without having to write them manually. This makes the prompting process much easier and faster especially if you’re a beginner to Stable Diffusion. 

Once you generate your image, you can further evolve it where it copies the style of the image and lets you customize it further with prompts. 

You can also publish the generated images to their community where others can view and interact with them. Published images can help you earn credits which then allows you to generate more images. 

This brings us to their pricing model which is based on credits. You can subscribe to any of their monthly plans which gives you credits based on the plan you picked. 

Nightcafe - Pricing

Those credits are then used to generate the images. Unused credits roll over and never expire so you can use them in the following months. 

If you’re looking for a Stable Diffusion website with a large variety of models without costing a lot of money, then NightCafe is a great option. 

The community aspect of the platform also makes it better as you get to interact and meet other creators. 

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3. Mage Space

Stable Diffusion Websites - Mage Space

Mage Space is a very popular website to use Stable Diffusion online and generate images. The platform has a ton of models you can choose from to create your image. 

Moreover, you can also add LoRA and Textual Inversion models to your prompts which is pretty great. And if that’s not enough, they also let you use ControlNet models for image generation. 

In terms of image generation settings, you can choose the aspect ratio, sampling steps, CFG scale, sampler, seed, and the number of images you want to generate. 

Another cool feature available in Mage Space is the ability to animate the image you’ve just created. The website also lets you upload an image and combine it with a prompt to create something new. 

With over 160 checkpoint models and 30K LoRA models, Mage Space by far is one of the best Stable Diffusion websites to generate images online. 

However, the free plan only lets you use three models with unlimited creations. The paid plans start at $8/month giving you access to all checkpoint models. 

Mage Space - Pricing

If you’re someone who’s serious about using Stable Diffusion for creative or business work, then Mage Space can be a good investment as it comes with a ton of useful features. But if you’re a hobbyist, then the free plan is more than enough to cover your needs. 

4. Civitai

Stable Diffusion Websites - Civitai

Civitai is the largest Stable Diffusion community platform where users share their models and art. 

While you may know this website for exploring models for Stable Diffusion, did you know that you can also use it to generate images? 

Yes, you can generate images on Civitai with access to all the models uploaded on their platform which is thousands of checkpoints and other models. 

You get access to all Stable Diffusion image generation settings as if you’re using Automatic1111. You can set the sampler, steps, CFG scale, seed, clip skip, VAE, aspect ratio, and more. 

Once your image is generated, you can upload it to the platform where it’s visible on your profile. 

The ability to browse thousands of models and instantly generate images using it is something you will not find elsewhere. 

The best part of it all is that you can do this completely for free without subscribing to any plans. Civitai does have their own currency called Buzz but it’s only used for training models, posting bounties, and tipping artists. 

So, if you’re already using Civitai for browsing models, you can simply use the website for creating images as well. 

This is perfect for anyone who wants to use Stable Diffusion for free without having to install it locally. 

5. Hotpot

Stable Diffusion Websites - Hotpot

Hotpot is a website with a bunch of generative AI tools such as AI image generator, background remover, photo upscaler, object remover, face enhancer, and more. 

Most of their generative AI tools use Stable Diffusion. However, the options for generating images are pretty limited. You can choose the aspect ratio, image style, etc and that’s pretty much it. 

What I like about this website is that they’ve categorized different things you can do in Stable Diffusion as separate tools. 

For instance, if you wish to generate a logo, you can use their AI logo generator. Similarly, they have a bunch of generators you can use for different purposes. 

The website lets you generate unlimited images for free but only for non-commercial use and requires attribution. 

If you plan to use the images commercially, you’ll have to purchase credits. You can either purchase credits once or opt for a monthly or annual plan. 

The monthly plan starts at $10/month and gives you 1000 credits every month. Another benefit of the premium plan is that images are generated much faster. 

Hotpot - Pricing

If you’re someone who is not well-versed in Stable Diffusion and just wants to generate AI images, you can try out Hotpot. 

The platform is pretty simple and straightforward so you won’t have any hard time using it to generate images. 

6. Playground AI

Stable Diffusion Websites - Playground AI

Playground AI is a powerful tool for using Stable Diffusion. The platform is very well-designed with a beautiful interface which makes image generation easy and fun. 

You can choose from a huge variety of models for SDXL and Stable Diffusion 1.5. There are a bunch of image generation settings as well such as aspect ratio, sampling steps, CFG scale, seed, refiner, and sampler. 

You can even use ControlNet by uploading an image and using edge, pose, and depth detection using ControlNet models. 

Apart from this, you can use Stable Diffusion features such as inpainting by drawing masks over your image. Moreover, you can even use outpainting to expand your image. 

They also have a community feed where you can browse images generated by other users and upload your images as well. 

Playground AI has a free plan that allows you to generate 500 images daily and use them commercially. 

With the paid plans, you can generate more images and have no limitations on image dimensions. You also get more features in the paid plans such as face restorations, faster generation speed, unlimited upscales, and more. 

Playground AI - Pricing

Overall, if you’re looking for a platform with a clean interface and most of the Stable Diffusion features available, then you’re going to love Playground AI.

7. ClipDrop

Stable Diffusion Websites - Clipdrop

ClipDrop is a website by Stability AI that offers a bunch of generative AI tools such as AI image generator, image upscaling, background remover, sky replacer, face swap, SDXL turbo, and more. They use Stable Diffusion in all their AI tools.

They have an SDXL image generator tool where you can use the SDXL 0.9 and SDXL 1.0 models for image generation. 

You can choose the image style, aspect ratio, and negative prompt while generating your image. 

While the tool is pretty limited, it’s good for anyone who is new to Stable Diffusion and simply wants to generate an image. 

What I didn’t like about ClipDrop’s SDXL image generator is that they don’t have any free plan. To use the SDXL image generator, you’ll have to upgrade to their pro plans which start at $9/month. 

However, a lot of tools on ClipDrop are very useful and if your purpose is to use them for business or creative work, then it’s definitely worth the money. 

8. Sinkin

Stable Diffusion Websites - Sinkin

Sinkin hosts some of the best Stable Diffusion models and lets you use them to generate images. They have over 60+ checkpoint and LoRA models you can use to generate your image. 

In terms of image generation settings, you can choose the aspect ratio, sampling steps, CFG scale, sampler, and more. You can also choose a base image and a LoRa model while generating an image. 

The image generation is fast and you can download your images and use them commercially as well. 

The pricing model for Sinkin AI is based on a credit system. They have a pay-as-you-go plan so that you only pay for what you use. 

Sinkin - Pricing

Overall, Sinkin is a decent website to use Stable Diffusion online with a decent payment structure. 

9. Stable Diffusion Online

Stable Diffusion Websites - Stable Diffusion Online

Stable Diffusion Online is a website that allows you to use SDXL for free and generate unlimited images. 

The website only has the SDXL 1.0 model and lets you choose the image style you want to generate. You also have other settings such as the seed, CFG scale, etc. 

The image generation time is not that impressive but the output quality is good. This is weird because I chose the speed checkbox under the performance settings and still the image generation took more than 2 minutes. 

They have a mobile app on both Android and iOS called Dreamer which lets you use SDXL on your phone. 

Another downside of this website is that you get a watermark on all the images you generate for free. If you wish to remove the watermark, you’ll have to upgrade to their pro plans. 

The pro plan costs $8.33/month and has faster image generation without watermarks. You can also set the image dimensions in the pro plan and get improved output quality as well. 

Stable Diffusion Online - Pricing

Overall, Stable Diffusion Online is a decent website if you want to use SDXL online for free. I don’t recommend upgrading to their pro plan as there are better options available. 

However, the free plan is decent enough if you want to generate images using Stable Diffusion XL, especially on your phone. 

10. Prodia

Stable Diffusion Websites - Prodia

The last website on our list of the best Stable Diffusion websites is Prodia which lets you generate images using Stable Diffusion by choosing a wide variety of checkpoint models. 

With over 50 checkpoint models, you can generate many types of images in various styles. You can choose the sampler, CFG scale, sampling steps, seed, and image dimensions while generating your image. 

The image generation times are pretty impressive and the quality is not bad either. 

Prodia has a playground where you can use Stable Diffusion for free but the image dimension is only 512×512. 

To get more freedom over the image generation, you can get their API key and use Prodia without any limitations. 

The pricing is based on per-image generation as shown below: 

Prodia is a good website if you want to use Stable Diffuson for fun. You can pay for their API if you’re a developer as their pricing is much suited for that. 

If you want to use it for creative work, I’d recommend exploring the options mentioned on this list. 


There are many Stable Diffusion websites out there and we covered some of the best ones in this list. 

I hope you will find the perfect website for your needs on this list. If you have any questions regarding the websites listed above, feel free to ask them in the comments below. 

And, if you’re confused, you can always install Stable Diffusion locally on your computer if your system meets the requirements. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about any safety concerns while using Stable Diffusion locally.

It’s not that difficult as it may seem and with our guide, you will have no troubles at all.

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