50+ Best SDXL Prompts For Breathtaking Images

SDXL 1.0 is the latest model released by the creators of Stable Diffusion and it brings many new advancements and changes compared to its predecessors. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best SDXL prompts you can use to start generating images in Stable Diffusion. 

This new model has many users excited as it’s a complete game-changer and has remarkably high details and quality. 

I’ve covered various Stable Diffusion styles in the prompts below so you’ll have a great understanding of how to write prompts for various SDXL styles. 

I’ll share my entire workflow along with the recommended configuration settings I’ve used to generate 4K images in SDXL. 

Let’s get started. 

Recommended Configuration

Here is the recommended configuration for creating images using SDXL models. I’ve created these images using ComfyUI

SDXL Resolution

Unlike the previous SD 1.5 model which was trained on 512×512 size images, the new SDXL 1.0 model is trained on 1024×1024 dimension images which results in much better detail and quality of images generated. 

So, it’s recommended that you set the image size to either 1024×1024 or higher. Using a low resolution will not result in high-quality images with SDXL models. 

Here are the SDXL resolutions I recommend using: 

  • 1024×1024 (Square) 
  • 1152 x 896 (Landscape) 
  • 896 x 1152 (Portrait) 


SDXL comes with a base and a refiner model so you’ll need to use them both while generating images. 

In my ComfyUI workflow, I first use the base model to generate the image and then pass it through the refiner which enhances the details. 

Although there are many SDXL models created by users that don’t require a refiner model, I’ve only used the original SDXL model with a refiner for the sake of this guide. 

You can download the SDXL models from here: 


I recommend using the DPM++ SDE GPU or the DPM++ 2M SDE GPU sampler with a Karras or Exponential scheduler. These samplers are fast and produce a much better quality output in my tests. 


StabilityAI has created a completely new VAE for the SDXL models. You cannot use the SD 1.5 VAEs with SDXL as they’ll produce bad colors. 

Download the SDXL VAE and place it in the Models/VAE folder in your Stable Diffusion directory. 

Best SDXL Prompts

Here’s my list of the best SDXL prompts. In this list, you’ll find various styles you can try with SDXL models. 

But if you need to discover more image styles, you can check out this list where I covered 80+ Stable Diffusion styles. 

Also, for all the prompts below, I’ve purely used the SDXL 1.0 model without any LORA models. 

Moreover, I’ve used the same negative prompts for the images generated. 

Negative Prompt: 

blurry, blur, text, watermark, render, 3D, NSFW, nude, CGI, monochrome, B&W, cartoon, painting, smooth, plastic, blurry, low-resolution, deep-fried, oversaturated

Luxurious Bedroom 

Best SDXL Prompts
interior design of a luxurious master bedroom, gold and marble furniture, luxury, intricate, breathtaking

Cat On A Cloud

Best SDXL Prompts
photo of a huge white cat sitting on a cloud in the sky

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Bio-Mechanical Objects

Best SDXL Prompts
high-resolution photograph of a translucent softly glowing mechanical human brain, visible internal organs, polycarbonate, and glass, very detailed, 8k, sharp, fantasy, movie poster, unreal engine 5

Flower Girl Portrait

Best SDXL Prompts
A random person with a head that is made of flowers, photo by James C. Leyendecker, Afrofuturism, studio portrait, dynamic pose, national geographic photo, retrofuturism, biomorphic

Persian Princess

Best SDXL Prompts
closeup portrait of 1 Persian princess, royal clothing, makeup, jewelry, wind-blown long hair, symmetric, desert, ((sands, dusty and foggy, sand storm, winds)) bokeh, depth of field, centered

Angelic Dog

Stable Diffusion XL Prompts
((dog floating in clouds)), smiling, ((halo)), white angel wings

Robotic Dinosaur

Best SDXL Prompts
robotic t-rex dinosaur, wearing robotic armor, (glowing eyes with smoke),((masterpiece)), (sci-fi background), night

Gates of Heaven

Best SDXL Prompts
pearly gates of heaven, ethereal, intricate details, angels, clouds, 7th sky

Macro Photography

Best SDXL Prompts
macro close-up shot of the eyes of a caterpillar

Ice-Age Superhero

Best SDXL Prompts
Batman in a white color bat suit, covered in snow, in Antarctica, full body, ice and snow background, heavy snowfall

Realistic Portrait

Best SDXL Prompts
photo of a man in the desert the style of realistic hyper-detailed portraits, transparent sunglasses, detailed facial features, dry, heat exhaustion cityscape, metallic ethereal Ian, eye-catching detail, blink-and-you-miss-it-detail 

Huge Mothership 

Best SDXL Prompts
A huge mothership hovering over the Sahara Desert, scale, cinematic still, dynamic composition

Glowing Alien 

Stable Diffusion XL Prompts
alien, glowing eyes, crystal body

Psychedelic Model 

Best SDXL Prompts
Psychedelic model looking at the viewer, award-winning portrait photography, 1woman, focus face, vivid, with fractals in the background, alien woman, detailed, third eye, glowing eyes, fractal pattern, a light smile

Rabbit 3D Render 

Best SDXL Prompts
Cute rabbit wearing a jacket, eating a carrot, 3D Style, rendering

Dystopian Nightmare

Best SDXL Prompts
dystopian nightmare, cinematic, sci-fi, volumetric lighting

Cat Pixel Art 

Best SDXL Prompts
a cute happy cat, pixel art, pixelated

Vaporwave Supercar

Best SDXL Prompts
vaporwave style, hypercar, cyberpunk city, intricately detailed, deep color, 8k resolution, photorealistic, masterpiece, cinematic lighting

Comic Book Superhero

Best SDXL Prompts
comic book style, Batman, colored, dynamic background, full body view, clean sharp focus

Ice Queen 

Best SDXL Prompts
(fractal crystal skin:1.1) with( ice crown:1.4) woman, white crystal skin, (fantasy:1.3), (Anna Dittmann:1.3)

Retro Photography

Best SDXL Prompts
retro style, 90s photo of a captivating girl having lunch in a restaurant, a bustling metropolis, neon barrettes, enigmatic setting, retro

Forest Goddess

Best SDXL Prompts
a forest goddess, green tone, in the style of colorful animations, RTX on, unreal engine, hyperrealistic painting, Takashi Murakami, elaborate costumes, bamileke art, panoramic scale, portrait photo, volumetric lighting 

Isometric City 

Best SDXL Prompts
isometric view, isometric style, outdoors, sky, night, moon, neon, building, star (sky), night sky, scenery, city, sign, wide shot, crescent moon, neon lights

Realistic Food

Best SDXL Prompts
photo of a rotisserie chicken, delicious

Bokeh Portrait

Best SDXL Prompts
bokeh, bokeh effect, 1girl, upper body, portrait

Haunted House

Best SDXL Prompts
horror, still shot of a woman ghost in a haunted house, Hyperrealism, breathtaking, cinematic lighting, highly detailed, breathtaking, scary

Beautiful Silhouette

Best SDXL Prompts
beautiful silhouette shot of a ballerina dancer

Ethereal Forest Girl 

Best SDXL Prompts
(fluorescent colors:1.4),(translucent:1.4),(retro filters:1.4), (fantasy:1.4), 1girl, (lying:1.3), ethereal soft fluffy, soft landscape forest snowavatar, Pastel pink sky

Rabbit Pencil Drawing 

Best SDXL Prompts
pencil drawing of a rabbit eating a carrot, pencil sketch, sketch, pencil style

Long Exposure Photography

Best SDXL Prompts
long exposure photography, cars, traffic, night

Mecha Suit Scientist

Best SDXL Prompts
Cybernetic, male scientist, 1 robot eye, wearing a mecha suit

Futuristic Armchair

Best SDXL Prompts
emauromin style, futuristic armchair, finely detailed, purism, ue5, a computer rendering, minimalism, minimal product design

Superman Figurine

Best SDXL Prompts
figurine of Superman, on a base, full body shot, perfect face, depth of field,

Old Man 

Best SDXL Prompts
a photo of an old man sitting on a rocking chair in a living room, smiling

Snowy Landscape

Best SDXL Prompts
beautiful landscape, snow, mountains, glaciers, vivid colors

Colorful Sticker

Best SDXL Prompts
a sticker of a dog smiling, colorful

Japanese Architecture

Best SDXL Prompts
highly realistic Japanese architecture, super detailed, high dynamic range

Dark Magic

Best SDXL Prompts
(dark magic), (grim), the Baphomet Unicorn, (intricate details), (hyperdetailed), 8k hdr, high detailed, lot of details, high quality, soft cinematic light, dramatic atmosphere, atmospheric perspective, standing on a nest of bones and skulls, look of disapproval, flesh hanging off its beak, pissed off look

Sea Monsters

Best SDXL Prompts
sea monsters, scary, raining, storm, night, glowing eyes

Stormy Cruise

Best SDXL Prompts
a huge cruise, night, storm, heavy rain

Rose Garden 

Stable Diffusion XL Prompts
beautiful photo of a pink rose garden, sunny day, clouds, small birds flying

Glowing Jellyfish

Best SDXL Prompts
a glowing jellyfish underwater, breathtaking

Fashion Photoshoot

Best SDXL Prompts
fashion photoshoot of a blonde man wearing sunglasses, a colorful costume, highly stylistic

Chinese Painting

Best SDXL Prompts
a painting of a beautiful graceful Chinese woman with long hair, by Qiu Ying, no gradients, wearing silk, flowers, in a garden, beautiful oil painting


Stable Diffusion XL Prompts
an award-winning photograph of Seoul city at night, breathtaking, neon lights, professional, cinematic, volumetric lighting

Astronaut With Guitar

Best SDXL Prompts
an Astronaut in space playing an electric guitar, stylistic, cinematic, earth visible in the background

A Bubble World

Best SDXL Prompts
1girl girl, small holographic bubbles detailed, surreal dramatic lighting shadow (lofi, analog-style), kodak film by Brandon Woelfel, Alyssa Monks

Analog Style Photo 

Best SDXL Prompts
1 girl, sit, couch detailed, dark, rim light, (lofi, analog style) by Brandon Woelfel

Sci-fi Detective

Stable Diffusion XL Prompts
A cinematic still of a detective standing in a sci-fi city wearing a long trenchcoat with a neon glow

Cinematic War

Stable Diffusion XL Prompts
night vision green view of tactical skeleton, huge explosions in the background, in dark wet forest, dark green ambient lighting with rain, with Sony Alpha a9 II and Sony FE 200 - 600mm f/ 5. 6 - 6. 3 G OSS lens, natural light, hyper-realistic photograph, ultra-detailed

Anime School 

Stable Diffusion XL Prompts
anime artwork of a school, anime style, visually stunning, vibrant colors, studio anime, highly detailed


So, that’s our list of the best Stable Diffusion XL prompts you can try out and create visually stunning images. 
Let me know in the comments your favorite SDXL prompts shared on our list. And if you want to try these prompts on different models, check out our list of the best SDXL models.

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